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Signs (2002)
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Not Spielbergian magic, but Shyamalan spookiness, 12 August 2002

Audiences who go into this movie anticipating the kind of spellbinding magic of "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" will come away disappointed. What you WILL experience is a creepy, spooky story that mixes in nice doses of humor along the way.

And those who see this film expecting surprise twists at the end will also be disappointed. Shyamalan has a long career as a filmmaker ahead of him, so let's not get on his case every time he makes a movie that doesn't give you a cheap thrill at the end.

The first thing you'll notice is the music on the opening credits. Very scary, very Hitchcock. It sets the tone for what's to come. The plot will leave a number of open-ended questions for those who are really paying attention. To list them here would be to spoil too many elements of the film for those who haven't seen it. Suffice it to say that many will be scratching their heads and thinking, "But whatever happened to...?" or "Why did they...?"

As for Shyamalan himself, there was probably no need to fill the screen with "A Film by M. Night Shyamalan" at the end. After all, the opening credits told us that (also filling the entire screen), and he cast himself into a key role in the movie. Add to that the fact that he's appearing on major magazine and newspaper covers worldwide, and I think we're on the verge of Shyamalan overdose. Here's the antidote: M. Night, make your next film smaller, less grandiose, less self-indulgent, and a nice, small, classy credit saying "Directed by M. Night Shyamalan." That's right, let someone else write your next movie. It'll make for a more diverse resume.

Radio Days (1987)
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What a soundtrack!, 29 July 2002

Yes, the movie is well-done, with great sets, fabulous timing on the part of the cast, nostalgic feel, etc. For those of us who weren't around yet during the radio age it's a great opportunity to see why our parents look back on the era wistfully. But the music is great! I had to go out and buy the soundtrack on CD. Wonderful.

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Starts well, then fizzles..., 5 April 2002

The opening scene of this film is very good, with equal parts humor, pathos, agony and sympathy. Problem is, it gets progressively worse as it goes along, and in the end, it just ... ends. It's as if the script writer(s) indiscriminately decided that it was a good place to write "The End" and say the hell with it.

The Muse (1999)
1st 1/3: 9, 2nd 1/3: 6, 3rd 1/3: 8, 6 November 2001

I'd seen "pieces" of this movie on cable and never had any appreciation for it. Finally saw it all the way through and found it to be very funny. Some of the lines during the screenwriter's meetings with the young Hollywood executive, played to oily perfection by Mark Feuerstein, are laugh-out-loud funny. Don't be fooled by the fact that Sharon Stone plays the title character. This is a film about the Albert Brooks character all the way. And if you don't laugh at the very brief scene with Martin Scorcese, then go rent a Pauly Shore movie, pop it in, and enjoy yourself.

The Edge (1997)
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The bear steals the show, 5 November 2001

A promising concept, but in actuality this movie falls apart after the bear makes his exit. The bear was the most compelling thing in this mess. I prefer to believe that David Mamet did not write this tripe. Not THAT David Mamet. No, it must be some other David Mamet. Please?

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Amazing performance, 16 April 2001

I don't understand why more people have not commented on this, other than the fact that perhaps not very many have seen it. It's an amazing cast of characters, one after another after another, all done by the guy who wrote the play. If you don't like filmed plays, you may not like this (after all, plays usually don't look good on TV), but it's a one-man show that will have you paying attention throughout. Highly recommended.

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Good, could have been better without Sam, 7 February 2001

For the most part this film was very well executed. Leguizamo deserved an Oscar nomination for his work as the neighborhood guy caught up in a mob frenzy he wanted to avoid. Ironically, the one thing that could have made this film much better would have been to leave out the scenes which showed "Sam" (Berkowitz). We all know he was a nut, and watching him roll around on the floor moaning didn't add anything. It would've been better to leave "Sam" as a mysterious, dangerous entity (which, during most of the time this movie covers, he was). Still, a good job by Spike.

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Everything downhill after opening credits, 13 October 2000

It's ironic that the coolest opening credits of that film year give way to one of the most disappointing movies of the decade. It's a sad commentary when you have people like Brando, Kilmer, Thewlis and Frankenheimer, and you end up with a silly flick that lumbers into a final third that's as hackneyed and trite as anything you're likely to see. the movie, watch the opening credit sequence, rewind, then watch something else.

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Big stars who did some of their best work in pre-stardom, 13 July 2000

This movie is a classic example of what a bunch of talented actors can do without being showcased. Most of the cast in this film have gone on to become bigger stars (some MUCH bigger as in the case of Will Smith) in far bigger budget movies, but they'll all have this one to look back on as something to be truly proud of. Sure, one can quibble with the fact that these people, despite being "glammed down" for the street look, are better looking than "real" homeless youths, but this is Hollywood after all. A promising feature from director Marc Rocco, who went on to make another movie, and now I haven't seen anything from him for half-a-decade. What happened?

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One memorable scene after another, 11 July 2000

This film is a delight from first frame to last. Tom Conti delivers an Oscar-worthy performance, and after seeing this movie you'll be wondering why you haven't seen more of him in the ensuing years. One memorable scene after another and some lines of dialogue which have been indelibly imprinted on my brain ever since. I had a hard time finding this film on tape. A shame that so many inferior movies can be had by the bushel, and gems like this get lost...

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