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This was a great movie.
21 August 2006
I loved this movie and its music. The movie was well cast and the leads were outstanding. They fit the tone of the story exactly. I think Brickman was great and the scene when he and Juliet sang that wonderful off key duet is a classic. I could not help laughing in concert with their joy. It was just two people having fun. Juliet is great in this part because she is believable and shows her grief totally. Alan is his usual suave self but he shows another soft side. The love they shared is shown in all the scenes. I weeped with her when she cried about being left alone even though she was trying to appear upbeat to her friends. The whole movie was a great build from the lowest of distress to a final acceptance and dedication of their love. It was all underscored by really great cello music played as a cello should be played. I have learned that Brickman actually played some of the music in the movie. Not only is he a great actor, he is a wonderful musician. I loved it and wish I had it on tape or disc so I could see it at my leisure.
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The District (2000–2004)
I really like this show
29 November 2005
Although I see it now as reruns, I try to never miss it each day. As a retiree, I have the privilege of watching daytime TV and this is among my very favorite shows. It is much better than the "soaps". I miss Ella. I have enjoyed Craig T. Nelson in each of his several great roles. In this role, he portrays a firm, decisive, leader who "does not suffer fools gladly." He's the kind of leader I really liked to work for. The stories each have morals and each member of the cast seem to be real people. I have spent some time in the D.C. area and appreciate the efforts that are portrayed there. I feel they are presented in an honest, balanced and entertaining way. Sorry that the series in only in re-runs.
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Medicine Man (1992)
Medicine Man
17 April 2005
I liked the movie and have a tape copy of it that I watch occasionally. Loraine Bracco was really great as the dis-interested scientist who eventually gets enthused about the project. Of course, she and Sean Connery never make the 007 level of sex, but she maintains her cool persona until she gets into the situation on the ropes in the top of the trees. She absolutely provides the best "conniption fit" I ever seen. She isn't afraid to look afraid; nor,is she afraid to look properly upset at the other situations. I found her performance to be one that makes me want to see more of her performances. Sean Connery is great as usual. The story makes me hang in there until the end.
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