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"Margie" (1961)
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Still remember this one, 29 September 2000

Cynthia Pepper was also in some early episodes of "My Three Sons" but I remember her best in "Margie." When the show went off the air I couldn't understand why.

I also have wondered over the years why Cynthia Pepper dropped out of show biz. Perhaps she got married, settled down, had kids.

It seems to me I remember she was a relative to someone else in "show biz. Does anyone know about that?

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The most entertaining show., 29 September 2000

The "Hillbillies" has vaudville like gags. Nothing but pure comedy. Just plain great. It's stood the test of time.

The casting was perfect. Buddy Ebsen is a favorite. Donna Douglas is the most beautiful woman I've seen. Could be my favorite TV show of all time.