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Rubbish on a stick! Aaaargh!, 14 January 2002

This is one of the poorest directed movies I have ever seen. It's only saving grace is the fine acting of James Cromwell but even he couldn't save this poorly done beast of burden, terribly directed disjointed junk. With the most horrid portrayal of young George Imaginable turned in by jonathan Rhys Meyers turning in a totally overacted and efeminate performance that ruined the story totally and utterly.

SILLY? Let Me Count the ways!, 28 July 2001

This film had two saving Graces. First Chris Christoferson was killed off early,... mercifully. Secondly In spite of a rather silly story, and even through heavy Monkey Make up and costuming Tim Roth's wonderful acting abilities and power shined through. When you are an actor who is so powerful that you can overcome a crappy story, silly dialouge, heavy make up...neigh full body and face masks, and still come through powerfully, That is Brilliant Acting. To Tim Roth I say WELL DONE. As for the rest of this film it is Politically Correct, Ultra liberal Rubbish, repleat with Gun Control and "The uppety House Homo-Sapien" What utter drival. If that weren't so bad we then have a Captain who disobeys a Lt Generals Direct order in the first ten minutes of the movie. Hmmmm Where was General Patton when we needed him? Well of course disobedience is to be expected, after all we here on planet earth have changed our armies moto from "Be all that you can be" to "A One man Army" (sic) So this rebel disobeys the general not to save the universe from some great plauge, or solar or neutron or nuclear distruction but to chase a Chip into a time see, there were no instruments or technology advanced enough to detect what may exist in this mystic ciderial "coal mine" the scientest just had to send a chimp with the brain the size of a potatoe flying his little pod into the unknown.....yeah right! What ever the faults of the first Planet of the Apes Series of Films, They are Masterpieces compared to this disaster.

Siesta (1987)
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What Can one say but...."Siesta?", 4 July 2000

What Can one say but...."Siesta?"

Remember that line in Amadeus...when Salieri asked Mozart what he thought of his music?..."What can you say but Salieri?" this was his answer, trying not to insult... Actually that would be a grossly inaccurate an unfair comparison since Salieri had more than a Modicum of talent. Also, I am no Mozart. Although the cast was replete with some here to for fine actors, they were lost in this paradise of tripe. This film has no such molecules of anything resembling quality or lyric profundity Mozartian, Salierian or otherwise to worry in it's furrowed pseudo intellectual brow over.

At the end of this film my first thought was... What were these fine actors thinking of when they read and ACCEPTED this dreadful script? Surely it must have been ..'I need a movie in which I can really do a terrible job... and that will possibly help me destroy my career, Hmmm?..this will do nicely!' This movie is quite possible one of the 10 worst films I have ever seen.....and I have never seen worse direction ...not ever. Some "Godzillas" and even "Attack of the Killer Tomatoes" was directed better than this work. When I re rolled the credits, I saw that it was directed by Mary Lambert I......whose surgery on Pet Cemetery in my opinion totally destroyed and butchered Stephen King's book. This film was ...where shall I begin? was, Disjointed. Poorly Acted, ...Gabriel Byrne did not have a clue about the spanish accent in English, (and what did one of my favorites Martin Sheen think his was doing with that character?)...not to mention photography that was 3rd rate....a plot that was so disjointed that only the recent recipient of a tab of LSD could have followed it....or cared about it. What Can one say but...."Siesta?" ?... A siesta of talent put to work well, good screen writing, cinematography, continuity, good acting, interesting and compelling dialog...they were all on siesta. Only, this siesta wasn't the normal two hours between 2 and 4 pm it was a grueling 93 minutes of this un likeable piece of cinematic junk. A little night music please! Oh yes, the only saving grace in the filme was the dab of some rather nice Flamenco Music....Unfortunatly....just thrown in.....just like the bullfights.....Where is Ernest Hemmingway when you really need him...Fin

If you have not seen this film? NOW WOULD BE THE PERFECT TIME!, 28 June 2000

This was quite simply a marvel of a film in every way. It, to me, personified and illustrated perfectly Spencer Tracey's quote "Acting is alright, just don't let anybody catch you doing it" Sissy, and Farnsworth were not caught. There performances were subtle, powerful and beautiful. In a word! Brilliant!... What is more, BELIEVE ABLE...never once did I doubt them or lose touch with their characters. Sissy Spacek was totally overlooked by the Academy...she is I believe along with Holly Hunter, Judi Dench & Joan Plowright probably the greatest actress alive. I have never been a big fan of David Lynch, but what ever his detractors might say about him , he cannot be convicted of not knowing how to portray people sensitively, one must just look at Elephant Man to know he does "sensitive" and "personal" with the best of them. He certainly did that here. I also liked in this film a little nuance of his, that when the camera was a few yards away from the subject the sound went down....forcing one to listen carefully to the dialog....much like it would be if you were actually standing 30 or 40 feet from someone trying to hear what they were saying. I have long ago lost faith in the Academy, but It should be criminally prosecutable to have compared the acting in this film, that is to say, the acting of Farnsworth with that of Kevin Spacey in American Beauty. Those who awarded and voted for Kevin should be sentenced to the chain Gang, Long Sentences with water and dried bread. THIS FILM SHOULD BE A 10 on anyones story board. And an 11 in the heart. Oh Yes, and I have never seen a better ending to a film like this...nor a better choice as the leads brother than Harry Dean Stanton. David Lynch proves and sees with a clear eye that "less is more" it is a magnificent Ending....Perfect....Flawless BEAUTIFUL! Hey! It just dawned on me.....Perhaps I am a David Lycnh Fan Afterall? ?

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Shootout at the O K ave Coral?, 10 June 2000

From the standpoint of being able to take a Good book and turning it into a piece of rubbish? This then was a masterpiece. I had no problem with the casting of this film. Actually I thought the actors did a good job all things considered. However, Daryl Hannah as Ayla ...was for me a total wash out, this part required a stronger acting presence and in my opinion called for an actor of great ability. The visuals of the film were magnificent, and the Photography sometimes bordered on genius. But why is it that screen writers think that they have to "fix" a perfectly good story, by taking the same time it would take to tell the "actual" story and instead telling a silly disjointed and inaccurate one? One where none of the characters really develop nor become loved by the audience. Oh yes, I know that screen writers must compress events and so on. But this screenplay of Mr. John Sayles, was one of the worst examples I have ever seen. Not only was the "time line" of the story tragically out of whack, but when Ayla broke Brouds spear with her sling at the "shootout at the O.K. Coral" scene at the End of the film... Anyone who read the book would be able to tell you that had that actually happened, based on what we knew from the characters and the clan in this wonderful book, she would have been killed by the clan immediately. That would have been a travesty of enormous proportion for them. The real heart of the actual story, was the relationships between Ayla, Iza,Creb and Brun, and her interpersonal growth as a being, was almost completely missed in this film and the development of the characters whom you loved in the book was no where in sight. Basically the film characters. by virtue of really bad screen writing became a bunch of cardboard cut outs without connection one to the other. It was a mish mash of people running in and out of scenes. Jean M. Auel could not have been happy with this mess. I hope she was paid enough. If any of you fellow viewers have seen any of her comments on this film, I would appreciate you E-mailing them along to me. I would happily give her and her book at least a 9. but this movie was a mess and it's present IMDb rating of 4.9 is about 2.9 points to high. If you have read the book and wish to suffer....see this film. That is this viewers opinion.

COULD Ah! SHOULD Ah! WOULD Ah!...But it didn't Ah, 20 May 2000

Actually Kevin Costner was not bad at all in this film, I think by and large he works in baseball films nicely. He did a good job in this film....the story was fine...well o.k, it was good enough....but the characters..specifically Kelly Preston's Character Jane Aubrey just did not work for me. For example I remember thinking what a wonderful poignant and powerful addition Glenn Close was in Natural, How integral she was to that story. Kelly Preston's Character in this film to me was like a canker sore on a gum boil, after the second scene with her one wondered if .... Billy Chapel (Kevin Character) was a pseudo masochistic....and by the end of the movie her character had pronounced elements of several degrees of psychological in balance....and I found myself thinking..."Hmmm that's just what he needs after quitting the game he loved for 19 years, is a wife he can go to therapy 3 times a week with....What a retirement plan huh? Anyway, some of the characters were interesting, but "Jane" wasn't one of them and I found myself grinding my teeth toward the end of the film. It should ah been a whole lot better film. It could ah and would ah been perhaps if they had cut Kelly (Jane)s part, and perhaps left the young girl, that actress who played her daughter....written her perhaps as Kevins daughter? She was just as complex with out the angst and far more believable, or at least a nicer less disfunctional feast for the pallet.

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Robin Williams one of the most likeable and Capable actors of this or any other generation should have read this script twice. Great actors do sometimes lend themselves to really bad projects. This was certainly one of his was full of cliches, and philoso-babble that was absolutely embarrassing. It would neither embrace the Judeo Christian views, nor contradict them. It did not even take a position of any real depth nor did it inspire new thought, and due to bad script and much more had Robin Williams, whom I really like and respect, sort of sniveling and groping groveling and babbling through most of the Film......This film was a disaster waiting for a place to happen....unfortunately it happened in front of my Eyes. It was so bad it was painful to watch. What an utter waste of time and talent and money. Having never done drugs, I can only guess that being on them while viewing this film might have helped....I certainly don't know what else could have.

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One of the First and Best Death row Movies., 22 March 2000

I have seen this movie many times. At least a Dozen. But unfortunatly not recently. However, Etched in my memory never to leave me is a scene in which Mickey Rooney, -"Killer Mears" knows that he is to be executed and it's getting close to the moment of truth, He dances, and cries, and laughs, he vacillates from hesteria to euphoria and runs the gambit of ever emotion. Never have I seen such a brilliant performance by any actor living or dead, past or present. It was then I know for sure that Mickey Rooney, yes, "Andy Hardy" was and is a actor of great genius. However I kept it, my opinion to myself for years thinking, surely I must be alone in this viewpoint. About 15 years or so after I saw this film for the last time on television, I chanced to read the old Q & A section of the Los Angeles Times. The question was posed to Lawrence Olivier, and the question was: "Mr. Olivier You are considered one of the greatest actors of all time, whom then do YOU consider to be among the greatest actors?" His answer was, "Peter Finch and Mickey Rooney" I was stunned, but not surprised. I immediatly flashed back to his "Killer Mears" And I felt very good for having seen this great ability in him, and now having my view supported by another whos work I admired.. Later of course there was "Bill" and many other great moments with Mikey Rooney. This film, "The Last Mile" should be seen by all acting students. I Frankly cannot remember a great deal about the film after all these years but Mr. Rooney in it, will never leave me. If anyone out there remembers this film the same as I do? I would be interested in hearing from you. For this picture etched in my heart alone I gave it a 10 just on the face of his performance.

Evil Roy Slade (1972) (TV)
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One of the 10 Funniest and Cleverest Comedies Ever!, 20 March 2000

This movies was a masterpiece and a delight. Dick Shawn was stupendously funny, and the rest of the cast, perfectly cast. The movie was well directed ALWAYS kept you laughing and never let up. In this viewers opinion it is one of the 10 funniest and cleverest comedies of all times. I gave it a 10 and so did 297 people out of a possible 419 voters here on the data base. Will someone explain to me how you can have over half the votes a 10, have the Arithmetic mean = 9.1. The Median of 10.0 and still our beloved IMDb gives this movie a weighted average vote of 6.3? Come on I've heard of "weighted" but is the butchers hand on the scale here? Is it that those folks intellectual capacity just couldn't bare to see this film in the top ten of the top 100 movies? Hmmmmmm? Well guess what? The Direction, The Acting, The Script, and just the general "clevertude" (is there such a word?) Should put this film just about in the top 10 percent of films....Come on fair. At least level this out to 8.5 I can buy that a whole lot "weightedly" than 6.3 Just one viewers opinion.

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A Story out of Dickens? MAGNIFICENT FILM on Every Level, 19 March 2000

This was Truly a Magnificent Film at every Level. It was done in black and white when color was the rage. Directed by Charles Laughton with great care. Robert Mitchum the ever under rated actor should without doubt have received an Academy Award for this performance. Once again the Academy must have been sleeping. What were they thinking? The scenes of the Fishing line going down from the pole, and the Camera panning down to Shelly Winters In the water were sadly beautiful poignant and above all genius in this views opinion. For me this is one of the best films of all times. A Monstrous Sleeper, Sadly over looked. And if you haven't seen this you should....this film has no place in the realm of 141st out of 250 best movies here on IMDb it should be among the top 50 at the very least. A truly wonderful Film.

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