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Bully (2001)
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Pointless film, 24 August 2002

As is typical for a Larry Clark movie, he thinks that an abundance of nudity and violence makes for a good film. It doesn't. The only part of this film that is in any way interesting is when it shows the difficulty of a large number of people trying to cover up a crime. Otherwise, this film was a bore.

I wish Clark would spend even half as much time on plot and character development as he does nudity and violence. It's also interesting to note that in Clark's world, only the women seem to get nude, so even these favorite scenes of his lack any kind of reality. The concept of the film wasn't bad, but the plot was awful. Please Mr. Clark, next time you have a bright idea, write a good script before you start filming.

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Are you kidding me?, 13 June 2002

This wasn't a movie, it was a Hollywood cocktail party. The script had all the markings of a last minute project scraped together by a high school drama student. The casting, as many others have noted, was a major letdown. Sure many of these actors are well-known, but that doesn't mean they were right for the roles (or that they're any good to begin with).

Most of these actors turned in awful performances, the worst of which was Joshua Jackson. The script would seem to indicate he was playing a bartender in Laramie, but the character he ended up playing was that of a rich Hollywood liberal. It seemed like the film was trying to fit the actor to the role, instead of finding the best actor to carry out the role.

The script was poorly written and never seemed to be going anywhere. The scene where the doctor breaking down at the press conference was overwritten. The worst scene was when the Arab or Indian student (sorry, I only watched it once, I can't remember every detail) took issue with the contention that many other citizens were making that brutal murder isn't what the people of Laramie were about, implying that most of the them were either murderers or condoned murder. I read the news daily and can't recall reading about many murders in Laramie. Portraying the people of Laramie that way was insult to their town.

By the end of the film, which couldn't have come too soon, the only point that the film had made is to point out that murder is a bad thing. Hardly a tough sell.

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Loved this series, 5 June 2002

I loved this series and was disappointed it only lasted one season. Hudson Street starred Tony Danza, playing a conservative police officer and single parent to his son, who was dating Lori Loughlin's character, a liberal police reporter from a rich family. Although the show didn't strictly focus on politics, the political insults they traded back and forth were my favorite aspect of the series. The dialogue was very well-written and the leads had nice chemistry as a couple. It's too bad this series didn't last longer.