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Not that bad, 5 June 2002

'm not a big Drew Barrymore fan but this movie was kind of good. I didn't rush to get it when it came out I thought it would be stupid but i finially pick up in 2001 and sat down and watch and it was not that bad. Drew Barrymore was very funny in here even through she acted stupid it was funny... This movie is good for a laugh. David Arguette was great in here it was differet from his scream role Dewey Riley. I never thought see him in this kind of role but he pulled it of. This movie is good but it not great. I seen better but it not bad to pick it up one and while to get a luagh I give it a 7 out of 10

The Others (2001)
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Too Weird, 5 June 2002

This movie is to weird to be good. Nicole Kidman did a good in her role here. but the storyline Sucked. It didn't make any sense. It just confuse everyone who watching it... I give a 1 out of 10 The previews were much better and they should have put more action and more feeling in to it...

Fitzgerald (2002) (TV)
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A pretty good movie!!!!=-}, 25 May 2002

Neve Campbell is my favorite actress of all times. I love her in Scream trilogy and rest of her movies. She is an incredible actress and I think she should get more credit for it. This movie is different from the rest of her movie she star in. When I saw the preview i didn't think it was going to be that good. But I always try to like because Neve in it. But wrong the movie was very very interesting. I like learning about stuff that happen in the past. People don't understand how life was back then. I always hear people complain how hard life was. But if we were the people in this movie we can see that it was that easy back then. It very amazing how they went through in the movie they have fun times and emotional times and upset times so on. A very good Drama Jeremy Irons did a brilliant job in here and is very believable. Neve Campbell did an excellent job in here I wouldn't say it was her best of all her movie but it in top category. I always try to be like her. She change my life and I never will forget that, I give this movie 9 out of 10 Neve is so Cool in everything she does!!!!!!!!!!