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Its been done, 26 May 2001

Is it just me or is this movie alot like Lethal Weapon

You have Ray Tango. A nice neat cop who does things buy the book and prefers to work alone. He has a sister who he looks out for. And he dresses fancy for work.

Then you have Cash. Hes a reckless cop who dosn't care for his own life,he dresses in grubby cloths and lives alone.

So what does this tell you. And they have to rescue Tangos sister. The same thing happend to Murtaughs daughter Reane.

This movie was good. But If I wanted to watch Lethal Weapon. I would have

A follow up to the first movie, 10 March 2001

Friday the 13th Part 2 was a really good sequal to the first Friday. Not many horror movies seem to have good follow ups these days.

This movie we were all introduced to Jason Voorhees. The son of the origonal killer Mrs Voorhees.

The story was great,the acting was good. There was just one problom. The ending.

What happend to Ginnies Boyfreind Paul. He is with her when they finally Put Jason down. And then the next morning we only see Ginnie.

Friday the 13th was a good movie. Too bad the ending had people confused.

WHY, 21 August 2000

Why did they make 3 sequals to Universal Soilder. 2 of them did not have Van Damme. And then when they decide to. He acts nothing like he did in the very first one. Hes human again affter getting killed in Vietnam.

I thought the acting in this wasn't that great. The Soilders act human in this. They talk more.

And what ever happend to the reporter Veronica. Instead they replace her with some young reporter who would rather run her mouth and push people around instead of trying to save her own life.

Micheal Jay White did good with the fighting. But the acting. Way off

Bill Goldberg. Lets see. Why did they pick him for this movie.

Anyways skip this one. Just watch the first one.

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Good. But not great, 7 July 2000

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This movie was good. It had some good moments. I mean they made Ben fight the Zombies. Harry Cooper and Ben did there arguing. SPOILER ALERT The Ending. Thats what ruined it. When Ben goes to the Basement affter having a shoot out with Cooper. Well Ben kills Helen Cooper Zombie. Now how did Ben Become a zombie if he killed Helen and the others if none of the other ones got in

They also Made Barbra survive in this one.

Well I wish they could have come up with a better ending in this one.

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A show that can really make your mind turn, 10 June 2000

This show has the best acting ever. Its not your usual ears are looking at you kid kind of show.

See when I want something to really boble me I will tune into this show. I saw some really good episodes.

The earth is coming right into the sun. A guy gets a watch that freezes time and then later breaks the watch and everything remains frozen.

Its also the music. I mean the acting is good. This has to be the perfect show ever.

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The best Series out of them all, 10 June 2000

I liked the way the series was set up. I mean they got more serious and stopped doing some impossible things and made it more understandable.

After the Rangers lose the Powers of Ninja and the command center they gather the remains of the Zeo Crystals. So when the Command center is reformed into the Power Chamber and then Zordon returns. Making everything normal Again.

But a new villain has come. The Machine Empire. They try to do what Rita and Zedd could not. Destroy the Power Rangers.

The Rangers then use the Powers of the Zeo Crystals and become Power Rangers again

Tommy the Red Ranger. Adam the Green Ranger,Rocky the Blue Ranger.Catherine the Pink Ranger and Tonya the Yellow Ranger.

I say the series has got to be more high tec. Its too bad that when the series ended and then they kept on bringing us stupid series like Power Rangers Turbo and Power Rangers in Space.

Thats when I stopped watching it. After Zeo.

Anyways good series. The best of them all

A little kids worst nightmare, 8 June 2000

Whenever I want to think of Chucky I remeber this movie. I don't think of Bride Of Chucky.

Chucky was a ruthless killer. He was known as Charles Lee Rey. One night he was gunned down by a police officer. But what the cops didn't know he is knew how to transfer his soul into anything he touches. So he touches this doll and his soul is transfered into the doll. Andy Barkley is a normal little kid. He lives with his mom. So when his mom is out looking for somthing for Andy a guy on the street sells her a doll thats been sold everywhere. The good guy dolls. So she brings it home and along the way Andy starts to talk to Chucky. So the mom tries to get help for him. Many people start to get killed and everyone thinks its Andy.

Chucky finds out from the guy that tought him the power that the longer he remains in the body the more human he becomes. So he has to try to get his soul from the first person he talked to.

So Andy must find a way to stop Chucky before Chucky kills him

Same old same old, 7 June 2000

Ok. They have to stop these movies.

Chucky has lost his edge. I can tell you why

First of all in the last 3 films Chucky always worked alone.

I thought Chucky has to say the words to become human. Not use some stupid amlet.

Now heres where it got stupid. The sex scene. What the hell has happend to him. He used to be a kids worst nightmare. Now hes just another face

Ok, 25 May 2000

This movie was ok. I mean the acting was good. But the story was already done. Does anyone remeber the Faculty

This movie was so predictable. So it was just the same story. Different name

Ok., 18 May 2000

This movie started good. I loved the begining action scene. Mark Walberg has to be the action star of the 20th centery

What ruined this was that the touchy garbage.

Why did Melvin Smiley show remorse for a women yet he kills people. He says he sorry for all his rudness but is he sorry about all the people he killed for money to make a living. Hell no

Thats what went wrong with this movie. The Action scenes saved it. But the touchy sides in the movie killed it

A 5 out of 10

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