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Hitch (2000)
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beautifully conceived, 17 August 2000

An all around pleasure to watch. The performances are a bit stilted, but it works. A bit reminiscent of Gus Van Sant stuff. The main problem is the poor sound quality, you miss a lot of the dialog.


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terrible film, but you'll love it, 17 August 2000

I don't know what it is about this horrid movie that really gets under my skin and makes me love it. It's too bad for camp. It's a musical this guy shot with a video camera, starring his family. He's gay and that's pretty much all about. The songs are cute, but get old real fast. Nevertheless I had this giant grin the entire time I watched it.


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if only it were darker, 17 August 2000

It starts out nice and twisted but grows more and more mainstream, until by the end, you're watching a Nickelodeon movie. Ironic, considering the film's premise ridicules the same process as it happens in the making of a documentary.


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a well-deserved winner, 17 August 2000

I saw this awesome film and Sundance where it deservedly won the grand prize. To describe it as raw would be to belittle it, the skilled filmmaking is so perceptive, and the performances so natural, it's breathtaking.


another sundance winner, 17 August 2000

This gleeful little film could care less if you actually buy anything in it. But that's the magic of it- it just takes off and whisks you along for the ride. I reminded me a lot of the Cars music videos from the 1980s.


Committed (2000/I)
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Quirky but boring, 12 March 2000

A ditzy girl (yes, ditzy is about as complex as her character gets) won't take no for an answer and does quirky things to get her husband back. It's too far-fetched to be believable with such flimsy characters going through the motions. But not far-fetched enough to be fascinating in the way that say, Being John Malkovich, was. So it ends up boring.


Girlfight (2000)
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She-Rocky, 12 March 2000

Fortunately this film did't end up being a real familiar boxing story only with wow, a girl instead of a boy. No, that was secondary, this film was a compelling story of a troubled relationship and a screwed up family.

The main actors are amazing and have movie-star written all over them.

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The funniest film I saw at Sundance, 12 March 2000

I got to catch this short at Sundance this year and it is hilarious. The animation is wild and the dialogue had the whole audience choking and laughing.

It's kind of offensive and shocking, but that made it even funnier. A must see for everyone gay straight whatever.