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Sheitan (2006)
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Funny & Creepy, 26 June 2008

Sheitan is a different movie. I hesitate to call it a horror - this one has comedy, social commentary, a critique on religion - all at the same time. And the surprising thing is that it works.

On the night before Christmas Eve, 4 "hip" youngsters get out of a nightclub and they meet a girl (Eve), who invites them to stay at her countryside home, not many miles away from the city.

There they meet Joseph (Vincent Cassel, with an Oscar-worthy performance), the "caretaker", whose intentions are not completely revealed until the end. Make no mistake, he is the star of this film. What an actor, and what a character he got to play - think of a tense, all-pleasing, might-be-evil version of Borat. I know what you're thinking, but this has got to be one of the most memorable characters in recent movie history. You have to see it to believe it.

As the story unfolds, Joseph's bizarre behavior grows in intensity, as does the sexual tension that is hinted throughout the whole movie. There are things, expressions and details that certainly only the French will get, like "La Barbichette" and other stuff, but it only made me more interested and curious. Watch it twice.

However the movie leaves a major plot hole hanging near the ending concerning a main character - It's so glaring and obvious that I'm thinking they either had to rush at the editing stage, or they did it on purpose thinking it was a clever move and something unconventional. I'll justify it by saying that the movie is (mostly) told from Bart's point of view. Can't say any more than that or I'd be spoiling the movie for ya.

The religious symbolism is obvious, too - for starters, look at the main characters and who/what they might represent. Even their names are not random. I found this extra layer of symbolism really interesting and something that made me watch it twice so as not to miss any details.

The contrast between the hip kids from the city and Joseph and his family is fascinating, as is the final scene, at which point I just didn't know what to think - all I knew is that I had seen a very good movie.


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Underrated Comedy Classic, 26 June 2008

This is one of the best comedies I've seen. Bill Murray not only stars but directs this one, and he should be damn proud of his accomplishment. This movie is a laugh-fest.

You won't regret watching this one. The three main players are all in their apex. Murray is fantastic as usual and Randy Quaid is hysterical. Tony Shalhoub has a small but VERY memorable part.

This is one of those rare, great, infinitely "quotable" movies. There's irony, sarcasm, slapstick, you can find all kinds of humor here, and even some suspense to keep things interesting. This is great to watch with friends, there are a couple of scenes that will almost certainly make you spit your soda.

You want to laugh, watch this. Definitely an underrated comedy classic.


The Ruins (2008)
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Entheogenic nightmare, 26 June 2008

I was expecting a pile of trash. I haven't read the book. This movie was incredibly entertaining (for a horror fan).

The main concept is good, and it's all very well executed. The sound guys in particular have done a great job, and the movie has a grainy, distinctive look. I love it how the film manages to remain interesting to the very end, in such a small setting, and with such a little cast. I thought this was better than the overrated "The Descent". By the way, do whatever you can to watch the "Unrated" version of this film.

Some things could have been better developed, like the relationship between the two main characters and the actors' sometime 'unrealistic' reactions at the bizarre incidents taking place. But these are not big flaws and in fact the first point I brought up could actually be explained as a smart red herring.

There are supernatural undertones here, and while they are not fully-explored, it's enough to make you uncomfortable. There's a lot of gore for those not used to it, but it serves a purpose. This is at times a 'hallucinogenic' movie, and about a thousand times better than "Shrooms" at it.

This movie gives me hope that the days of "torture-porn", scary Japanese children and über-gore are ending. Make it different, interesting and scary instead - The Ruins fits the bill. Judging by this movie, 2008 seems like a very promising year for the genre.

Just one last word: Don't even THINK about using Entheogens after watching this. You know that Salvia extract and the Morning Glory seeds you ordered online? Give them to someone who hasn't seen this. If you choose to ignore this warning, I can pretty much guarantee you'll have a really bad trip. However, that's a huge compliment for this movie.


Spy Hard (1996)
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Mores misses than hits, 26 June 2008

I love this kind of movie - parodies. All the way from Kentucky Fried Movie to Meet The Spartans, I'm a huge fan of the genre, despite some real turkeys amongst them.

Leslie Nielsen is THE FACE of parody movies. Despite a great movie as young actor (Forbidden Planet), it's really because of comedies that he is well known. He knows how to play the character straight-faced and has great timing. Hell, just looking at his face makes me laugh. But his success largely depends on the screen writing. With ZAZ, they were a comical dream team.

In the case of Spy Hard, a parody of James Bond movies (as well as many others), the result is very uneven. I'll say this: the jokes were mostly good, but the plot was terrible. If this was a series of sketches a la Kentucky Fried Movie, it would be much better.

So I'll tell you what to expect - absurdity, silliness and laughs. If you like this type of movie, go for it. Unfortunately it just isn't good enough to be put on the same level as the better parodies out there.

It's nice fun for a lazy afternoon, but not memorable by any means.


Frailty (2001)
A moral crusade., 22 June 2008

McConaughey in a horror/thriller? I had to see this. I was pleasantly surprised.

The plot is told in flashback mode, and it concerns an otherwise normal and happy family of three going through a very bizarre predicament. I can't say much more without spoiling the whole movie, sorry. Just know that if you decide to watch it, you'll be, in the very least, surprised.

All the main players are very good. Bill Paxton did a great job directing those kids, and his acting is awesome. McConaughey's acting is solid throughout and fits the bill perfectly.

This movie challenges you to think. Is Dad crazy? Is there a God? Do Demons exist? How far would you go to right a wrong. And what is "right" anyway? I'm still thinking.

And thus I recommend "Frailty". 7/10 and this is one of those movies that deserves and rewards a second, or even third viewing.

Anatomy (2000)
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A mess., 22 June 2008

Okay, I had reasonably high expectations for this. The controversial subject matter was a good concept. As a horror fan I admit I was fascinated and very excited about this.

It turns out they had a great idea, but it was terribly executed. Let's see. This movie seems to run in 3 modes: Happy, Sex and Dark. The problem is that the movie never decides what it wants to be. The "Happy" parts I believe were meant to contrast with the "Dark" parts, but it doesn't work. The soundtrack is one of the reasons.

The movie transitions between these 3 modes very badly, I can't even begin to say how much the directing and editing suck. There's sex in the most unappealing and unerotic way. I'm not complaining but even for Horror standards they were unnecessary and filler.

The characters are all unlikeable with the exception of Paula (Potente). Her friend from Munich is a slut and possibly one of the most annoying characters in movies I've come across recently.

There's a bit of plot which I won't go into detail... It's not stupid and in more talented hands would make a good movie. There's even a nice twist and a cool conspiracy going on. Don't try to understand everything because there are giant plot holes here.

It's all so shoddily done that you don't care for the victims, the perpetrators, anyone. And to think this could have been great. I can say ONE good thing about it which is, the movie shed some light on today's unethical medical procedures. With genetics and controversial sciences advancing, this could have been a great philosophical film that raises and discusses these questions. But you won't find that here, just a series of scenes loosely pasted together with people and things that you don't care about.

Skip this and go watch Flatliners instead, you're welcome.


Forgettable silliness, 20 June 2008

And that's alright. I loved Meet The Spartans and this one is also a pretty good entry in the 'parody' genre. Of course it's not comparable to classics such as "Airplane" or "Naked Gun" but this movie is not deserving of such low marks and reviews.

OK, the actors are not that great and the plot is just a rehash of Spiderman with a few other Superhero movies. Some jokes are way too long and fall flat, but the ones that work are pretty good. And it's all so ridiculous you can't help but laugh and go along with the stupidity.

If you like silly parodies look no further. I was a bit depressed and after watching this I was laughing a lot, so it does its job. Not a laugh-fest, but not a dud either, give it a chance. And watching Leslie Nielsen is always a treat.


Rinne (2005)
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Nice surprise, 4 June 2008

I've been trying to explore Asian horror, but I have yet to see a film that beats "A Tale Of Two Sisters". Well, this one gets pretty close.

"Reincarnation" is about a young actress who is cast in a horror film, based on a "true story". The problem is that the story was about a mass-murderer on a killing spree in a hotel.

Early on in the film, we get the feeling that the main character has been there before. She is haunted by nightmares, delusions, hallucinations. However, by the end of the film I was left in shock and awe. This film stands out from the rest of its genre with a truly inspired third act.

There's gore, but just enough, the tension lies in the double-world that the main character lives in, and it kept me on the edge of my seat.

Highly recommended, specially for those tired of "Asian horror flicks" standard and predictable formulas.


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For stoners only, 4 June 2008

This is a nice movie to watch in a double bill with "Super High Me". In fact, much of the stand-up comedy Doug Benson does in that movie is here, including stuff that was left in the cutting room of that film.

So this is a "Pot-U-Mentary". By that I mean there are a series of clips from "weed-friendly" stand-up comedians intertwined with a story about a square-head party crashed by "marijuana activists/doctors". This style reminded me a bit of that "What the Bleep" movie.

The good news is that the stand-up bits are funny. Even the "Totally Baked title song" is still in my head. The bad news is that the side-story sucks, unless you're completely trashed. Badly acted, directed, well, it's a mess, something that should have gone straight to DVD.

As a stoner, I enjoyed it for what it is. Smoke up and watch this, there are some funny bits here and there, just don't expect very much.

Inside (2007)
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Claustrophobic and Intense, 4 June 2008

First thing: If you don't like blood or gore, stay far, far away from this. Also, don't watch this if you're pregnant. Really.

This is one hell of a horror movie, quite literally. What you need to know about this is that there's a pregnant woman in serious peril. And by peril, I mean, torture, gore, revenge, lots of blood, death and... scissors.

Like Irreversible, Sheitan, Ils and Maléfique, "Inside" is yet another proof that the best horror these days are coming from Europe (France, Spain and Germany specially). Filmed with what appears to be a micro-budget, most of the action occurs in a small, two-storey house. However, the talent of those involved with the film make this irrelevant.

One important thing about this film is that is very good at maintaining tension and suspense, something that very few gory movies do. You know you're watching something terrible, but you can't look away for curiosity's sake.

Many interesting details in the movie, such as the victim's house number, black cats and overall a feeling of dread and death. Worth watching twice for catching these pearls.

Anyway, as a last minute warning, THIS IS VERY violent and graphic. The ending was great and haunting, and with the exception of a scene or two that didn't really make sense and thus seemed somewhat out of place, this is a solid horror and fans of the genre won't be disappointed.


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