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Finding this show funny would be a HUGE Leap of Faith!!!, 28 March 2002

Wow! This has got to be one of the WORST "sitcoms" I've ever seen. After the first few minutes, I thought that NBC was pulling a stunt by broadcasting a half-hour drama after Friends. I tried to be as open-minded and receptive as possible, but I think Schindler's List had more humor than this piece of schlock.

The main problem here is that this show - and most sitcoms in general - are typically nothing more than a writer's medium. It's less about the relationships between the characters than it is about the, ahem..."witty" banter. The constant ping-ponging back and forth of one-liners is so unbelievable and unrealistic, that we end up not believing in the characters at all. It simply hampers the actor's ability to respond truthfully and what you end up with is a bunch of talking heads.

Note to producers and network execs: for the love of god, turn to Nickelodean and check out All In The Family and The Golden Girls. There's a reason these reruns are still popular.