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Better Than You'd Think, 1 October 2002

This film is worth watching. Screwball comedy stylings brought up-to-date... ie 80's New York.

Perhaps this'll move some of you: it made Quentin Tarantino's list of his Top Ten Films of All-Time in 2002.

Popeye (1980)
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Recommended, 17 September 2002

I have to recommend this film... Having not seen it for many years, I returned to it and enjoyed it more than I thought I would. The Altman style is applied to the form "Children's/Family Musical" with great inventiveness. You may be surprised and exhilarated by the spirit and roughness of this picture.

Available on DVD, 13 August 2002

This short film is available on the DVD "Short 11: Ecstasy", along with a bunch of other shorts. It's very good to see if you like Saul Bass.