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"The Jump" (1998)
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A Big, Beautiful Bowl of Spaghetti..., 6 March 2000

I am sorry that the only words that I seem to be able to come with today are cliche as this series does not deserve them. It is an excellent pot-boiler that starts off with a bang (literally - a police woman is shot by bank robbers in the opening sequence) and "The Jump" keeps on simmering throughout the entire series. Do not miss a single episode as there are plot twists everywhere and not one of them is predictable. After the policewoman is shot we meet a happily married young couple "The Brunoses" a successful builder and his devoted wife. He is implicated by informant and charged with the bank robbery and the PW's murder. Ultimately he is convicted of the crimes (although he claims to be innocent). When the informant turns up dead any hope of getting him to retract his story is destroyed George Brunos and his wife decide that the only recourse for them is to break him out of prison. And then it gets really interesting. I would highly recommend this to my friend Rhonda who although delightful needs to do something other than write beet poems. LOL