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This show used to creep me out as kid., 11 November 2006

I was rather young when this show ran and really do not remember a lot about it other than the tinted opening sequences featuring the actors in doctor's masks accompanied by the Wulitzer organ score. For some reason I found this to be unsettling and it made me quite afraid of hospitals. I eventual grew out of that but until then I used to leave the room when my mom had it on. Maybe not being able to completely see the actors was scary to me. Little kids get scared of some dubious things, right? I do remember the episode where Robert Reed wanted a sex change operation. I saw it years later rerun on TNT and I thought it was even funnier than I remembered. I am sure it was not supposed to be but the idea of Mike Brady wanting to be a women and the sight of him dressed like one was humorous.

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I agree with the above comment., 9 October 2006

Pastor, you could not have chosen your words more eloquently. I watched for five minutes and I want those minutes back. Was there some kind of malady going on with that actor? He looked as if he was suffering a brain aneurysm on camera. I have been involved with several college productions and us as a young crew had far more polished production values. I never watch these types of programs, I just stumbled across it. I even make it a point to stay away from shows on TLN and the like. However, you are right. Christians need to assemble a message that is not going to make them further targets of ridicule. If the show creators delivered a sitcom that was humorous and edifying, that is another thing. These people are more interested in entertaining themselves, friends and family and could care less about people outside that circle. Hopefully other spiritual folks will catch on and this show will dissolve into an event horizon in which it so richly deserves.