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A game of three halves..., 4 June 2001

Episode One: Quite literally the Phantom Menace, except gathering storm clouds are replaced by charming if a little cliched war-located love strands. Beckinsale is striking whilst Affleck and Hartnett cope well as the male leads. Of course, it's the centre section which is the titular attack and it's well worth waiting for. Some might say that the love story set-up drags for the first hour, but a 60 minute extravaganza of destruction makes up for it. Forget Independence Day, this is real! The final segment of the film tells us about America's retaliatory efforts and paves the way for the obligatory bittersweet weepy ending complete with wailing soundtrack by Faith Hill. She's no Celine Dion, but this is Titanic...with bombs.

Ringu (1998)
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A joy (or rather, terror) to watch!, 29 May 2001

Forget the fact it's subtitled - that only adds to the effect. The director's use of angles, sudden appearances of characters in the frame, wonderfully puzzling flashback and periods of absolute silence combine to form THE best horror film I've seen in years. Forget Blair Witch, this is a true horror story - it could happen to anyone. The Japanese location may make the story more remote, but also makes it more mysterious. The story would work in another locale, say, the Deep South, US, but there's just something about "Ring" which works due to its defiance to comply with cliche. Just when you think you've got the film nailed down and swaggeringly predict the next events, you're proven totally wrong and dealt the double joy and horror of a perfectly timed shock revelation or two. No spoilers about the ending, needless to say, you will not see this one coming...

Memento (2000)
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ohmygosh!, 5 May 2001

I cannot believe how good this film is. I'd heard all the rave reviews but my local picture house wasn't showing it so I had to wait until it came out on video rental. Flawless acting, mesmerising narrative, stunning plot device - this film really is high concept - but with other films which simply rely on a fancy plot, all other factors usually suffer, but not with "Memento". Guy Pearce is a revelation (I remember him from "Neighbours") and both Carrie Anne Moss and Joe Pantoliano erase all possibility of "The Matrix" being all anyone will remember them for. There are few films that the second the credits roll I've rewound the tape and watched straight through again, and even fewer that I've done out of choice. The plot may be tricky, but it's a pure joy to see it unfold. Top notch!