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My least favourite Columbo, 30 March 2001

OK, I know people are going to yell at me, but I think this film has a poor conclusion which doesn't really make sense anyway. Everything else in this film was good, but it was so uncharacteristic. In this one, Columbo takes on Ernst Stravo Blofeld- well, Donald Pleasence, anyway. Starts off interesting enough: Pleasence murders his brother, Gary Conway, and hides away his body for some time in his wine chambers. Columbo weaves his net in an interesting way, but I found the scenes were Donald and his secretary or whatever discussed marriage were exceeding boring. Watch other NBC epsiodes instead, even the new ABC ones, even read Willaim Harrington's novels (except for Columbo: The Hoffa Connection, even this is better than that) but avoid this one.

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One of the best Columbos ever, 30 March 2001

One of the most clever murders in the Columbo series were stud Robert Conrad breaks his victim's neck and rigs it up to look like he was lifting weights which killed him. He also tries to mask the time of death by forging a phone call. When Peter Falk shows up to investigate, boy, do the enemies ever get sick of each other fast. In a hospital-set scene, Columbo even yells that he believes Conrad is responsible for the death- rare for Columbo, who tries to hide that fact normally. Interesting watching the lieutenant sort through the clues, and the office-set conclusion has the viewer hooked. Highly recommended.

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Clever Attempt to introduce Lupin to kids, 3 December 2000

The gentleman burglar and his sidekick, Gainard, come to the small screen in a one-season cartoon that once aired on teletoon and is now on a-channel at 11:00 am (in Alberta). Lupin is in his same old style, charming, gentlemanly, and clever. However, it's slightly changed from Maurice LeBlanc. It now takes place in the 1930s, the stories are updated (and re-written, to a degree, though fortunately a descendant of Leblanc works on the show), and new characters (such as May Hem) are introduced. "Max" Leblanc is turned into an orphan living with Kelly Kincaid. Also, in several episodes a sort of cameo appears. Ever heard of Lupin's most famous story, 813? That number appears on boxes, turns up on Lupin's hotel room, is the time on the smashed clock- even Gainard's licence plate!-try to find out how many you can catch!

The show aired in French as Les Exploits'd Arsene Lupin, as well. A Japanese Animator named "Monkey Punch" made a show called "Lupin III" about the burglar's grandson. Just a bit of trivia!

As you may or may not know, Sherlock Holmes appeared in the stories. However, due to Conan Doyle's objection, they were translated into English as "Herlock Sholmes", and usually in French that's what he's called, too. Having read the whole Holmes canon, I noticed LeBlanc made Holmes do some uncharacteristic things, but he still paid him respect, even letting the great detective catch Lupin (he, of course, escaped) and the first episode of the series: Elementary, My Dear Lupin; has Sholmes and Watson (as Wilson) humbling Lupin. An interesting show. Some changes, a few technical errors, and Lupin's hair is changed to brown, but I recommend it to Lupin fans.

Episode Guide:

ENGLISH FRENCH 1 Elementary, My Dear Lupin 1 Élémentaire, Mon Cher Lupin 2 The Modern Weapon 2 L'Arme Moderne 3 The Von Luppo Affair 3 L'Affaire Von Luppo 4 $20 Million Beneath the Sea 4 20 Millions Sous les Mers 5 The Empire Karst Building 5 L'Empire Karst Building 6 Sam The Golden Hand 6 René Les Doigts d'Or 7 The Diva's Diamonds 7 L'Aire des Bijoux 8 The Secret of the Golden Scarab 8 Le Secret du Scarabée d'Or 9 A Prince on the Orient Express 9 Un Prince dans l'Orient Express 10 The Archduke of Austrovia 10 L'Archiduc d'Austrovie 11 The South African Mine Shakedown 11 Mains Basses Sur les Mines 12 Operation Iris 12 Operation Iris 13 The Mystery of Captain Blade 13 Le Secret du Capitaine Blade 14 Lupin Takes Pole Position 14 Pôle Position Pour Lupin 15 The Pearl of Simbad 15 La Perle de Simbad 16 Lupin Hits Seventy 16 100 À l'Heure 17 When Lupin Steps into Action 17 Quand Lupin S'en Mele 18 Lady M 18 Lady M 19 The Green Star 19 L'Étoile Verte 20 The Dove of Peace 20 La Colombe de la Paix 21 President's Oil 21 Le Pétrole du Président 22 Sicilian Power 22 Des Bulles d'Air Électriques 23 A Fistful of Gold 23 Une Poignée d'Or 24 The Arkinite Crystal 24 Le Cristal d'Arkinite 25 Karst for President 25 Karst President 26 To Catch Lupin 26 Chantage Pour Lupin

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Great Mystery, 11 August 2000

William Shatner (James Kirk) plays an actor who murders a woman for revenge. He has an entire plot planned, with his roommate drunk and a baseball game taped, and a "borrowed" gun used only for the crime. Shatner plays a detective on TV who was Columbo's role model, and the lieutenant is over re-joiced that he will work with Shatner on the mystery. Great mystery with a completely obvious clue to the solving (when it's explained) unseen by anyone but Columbo (when I say anyone, I mean the audience, too), a real treat (just as all the Columbo movies are).

0 out of 2 people found the following review useful:'s OK, 19 July 2000

I thought it was a good movie, but not because of the laughs. It can teach kids that when they grow up, they don't have to marry rich and famous people, just whoever comes naturally. Some of the jokes suck, in fact, I never laughed the entire film, I just thought it was OK.

For sexual content, well, it's hard to tell if Fred slept with Wilma (the same with Barney and Wilma), and there is a gay (literally) joke where Gazoo (voiced by Alan Cumming, that annoying bird from the first one), who must observe our mating rituals and dosen't understand that it is boys and girls, asks Barney and Fred to mate. I didn't think they had enough "character development" on Rock Vegas, and I wish they had told more about the flight there. But all in all, it's an OK film (though not much of a comedy), Beetles fans look out for a spoof of them, too.

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OK. Not very good Grant., 16 July 2000

The actors are put in unsuitable roles, and the plot, though not slow, was dull and poorly executed, with some action scenes and a scene with two naked men, a fat, clean-shaven, white man and a thin, black bearded man. Not the best movie to see, if you're bored or not.

GoldenEye (1997) (VG)
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Still As Good, 3 July 2000

A Great Game, very enjoyable (if you know how to use it), recommended (espesially for Bond fans), all that old good comment review stuff. Let me add it is much better than the 80s game of Octopussy, where James Bond is a stick figure and all you do is scale trains. I'm sure Pierce Brosnan is proud, and Ian Fleming is chuckling in his grave. I bet he never knew how much his life-inspired character would influence the world- and how much violence would be added to it. I think he'd be amused by the latter, however.

Mr. Magoo (1997)
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Uh... I have one question., 3 July 2000

WHAT'S the BIG joke? Sure, Nileson has a great voice for Magoo. Point being? Agreed, if this had been a cartoon it was good. Even the cartoon was more REALISTIC! If Nielson knew that it would be movies like "Wrongfully Accused" that would make him famous, he never would have kissed the script? Please pass.

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Stays True To The Plot, 25 June 2000

Unlike "The Murder of Roger Ackroyd", as far as I remember it stays EXACTLY the same as the book. As usual, the ending is quite a suprise. David Suchet (who played Japp himself, without a script, and admires Philip Jackson) shines as usual, but I thought Hugh Fraser looked somewhat plumper. A re-make of a stupid TV movie called "Agatha Christie's Thirteen at Dinner", which had an aging Peter Ustinov as Poirot and, as I before mentioned, Suchet as Japp. Enjoyable whodunit.

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Not So Good, but better than the prequel, 18 June 2000

Basil and Bruce play the detective duo in a period of war, Hitler- and Moriarty, who is trying to steal a bomb to sell to the 3rd Reich. When the scientist who invented it is kidnapped, Holmes must stop his nemesis at all costs. Holmes' disguises are introduced in this film, them being an aged bookseller bargaining Shakesphere ("The Empty House"?), and two ruffians. Though the period is wrong, Holmes does something he would never do (quote Poe), and they fill it with action, making it better than earlier "Voice of Terror".

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