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Um... Just laugh!, 9 March 2000

The first time I sat down to watch The day today,it was by accident as I was looking for the news... I got the news but with a hysterical slant on this country with it! I continued to watch every week and enjoyed it more each week. (Although I didn't think it would be possible) Chris Morris' mix of news and complete jiberish has you not only laughing wildly but also wondering if you will come out of the other end of this episode with your sanity in tact... then enters spoof sports presenter Alan Partridge, just like every sports news presenter he appears to know about as much about sport as a bunch of grapes in a bag, but still gives an incredibly enthusistic report on Luton, um... "Hitting a goal!" At this point you KNOW that your sanity will at least be dented! Along with spoofs of green reports, an in-studio philosopher +even a "Day today exclusive war" you learn nothing about day to day news, (although you don't from most other news shows either!) but you do realise how odd the things are that make you laugh.

The only criticism I could possibly have of this great programme is it's one season running time. It was a loss to british comedy.

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Mmm, Corrupt!, 6 March 2000

When I first sat down to view my first helping of "The new statesman" I was of course expecting a programme with a fantastic mix of Rik Mayall's wonderful wit and charm, his comic acting genius and the creative talent of Maurice Gran and Laurence Marks. I'll be honest... I was not disappointed! It had all of these along with bag fulls of beautiful political corruption thrown in at every opportunity. A treat from beginning to end, while Rik's character, (suitably named "Alan B'stard) managed week in week out to be the most cruel, obnoxious and all round disturbingly corrupt um, "B'stard" on TV, yet still came away with the audience loving him. The only warning that I will give is that if you're looking for another "Bottom" then this is not the place! In fact the ideal viewer for this show would be a half-crazed political mess who adores Rik Mayall's wiley wit and charm... Oh, and it would help if you're a bit left wing, and if you're right wing... Have a laugh at yourself!

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A pioneering masterpiece of modern comedy., 4 March 2000

"The comic strip presents" team is made up of numerous hero's of British comedy, Rik Mayall, Ade Edmundson, French + Saunders, Peter Richardson and Nigel Planer to name just a few. Starting in The "Comic strip night club" in the early 80's they turned many a famous head. Getting their break with channel 4 was in my opinion, the best choice the channel has ever made. Ranging from famous five re-makes to posing as heavy metal super-stars, the comic strip team have excelled in over 30 TV films and a number of feature movies. Building a base for Mayall and Edmondson to leap foward, they have gone on to become household names appearing in such favourites as "Bottom" and "The young ones" (also with Nigel Planer.) All in all the comic strip team have achieved comic greatness at the very highest level. A shining example to young and old comedians.