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Remarkable, 23 May 2000

Not a movie for everybody. Hidden here, by Gurdjieff's greatest student, Mme.Jean de Salzmann, are real questions for people who find themselves, willy-nilly, searching. What is miraculous? How can a child be educated so as not to kill them (inside) by the age of 6? What is a real sacrifice? There are even glimpses of sacred dances, done by Gurdjieff's pupils after decades of practice. Not a "feel-good" movie, but a "feel more" movie.

The Cup (1999)
A charming film--simple and sweet, 15 May 2000

This film is not really about Tibetan Buddhists, but about young men being taught what love and life are about. Even the "bad guy" has a surprise for you. The innocence and passion of these monks (most of the extras ARE monks) is wonderful to see in this jaded age of violence and gratuitous sex.