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Well done Millius, 4 May 2002

This is one of the few films Millius has directed that pass the quality test.I saw it again last night.Loved the acting cast,the story was ok and it had a meaningful theme.How American military let many of their best pilots die because of uncareful planning and reckless thinking.

I was surprised by Brad Johnson,i didnt think he was such a good actor before i saw him here.He did well.Glover was at his best and Dafoe was ok too,although he has had better parts.But all in all,this is en enjoyable movie.Not least if you are a fan of Rosanna Arquette,like me.She looked wonderful here and acted the same.The movie was also one of the first for many good actors like Sizemore,Rhames,John Corbett.

I dare to say this one deserves a clear 7 and a half.

Tombstone (1993)
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Best Wyatt Earp movie i have seen, 19 March 2002

Since i havent seen the one where Burt Lancaster plays him,this is my favorite.I think it was all in all well made and accurate.Kurt Russell gave a fine performance and was creditable in his role as the wild west hero.This is a fine film to relax with.I give it a 7.

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Touching and poignant, 7 March 2002

"When saturday comes" is a movie i wont forget easily.Its about courage and choices you take that affect your life.Its incredibly touching in some moments and makes you feel compassion for Jimmy Muir.He is a guy who wanted to play football,but was refused the chance as a teenager and instead has to go the grey worker road to support himself.Then suddenly the chance he wanted 10 years ago is right there ahead of him.But he feels what most of us felt when we first got our career breaks-he's afraid and unsecure.So he drowns himself in drinking and other excesses to try and make the fear go away.But it doesnt work that way.Instead he loses the chance he so much wanted and is back on the grey dirty road again.

The football field here has a symbolic meaning.Its the way out of his grey everyday,a bright road that leads away from it to a better life.Thats what makes this movie so poignant.For Jimmy Muir there is no other way to have a happy life.After losing both his brother and his girl,he is desperate and thinks life has no meaning anymore.But then he remembers what his brother said that symbolises the true spirit.That you have to give your best in order to succeed in life and never give in for your fear.

Sean Bean was great in this film.The recent years i have been admiring him more and more and this film is a good reason to do it.Pete Postlethwaite and Emily Loyd make a great supporting cast.This is a movie to remember.8 out of 10.

Gia (1998) (TV)
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Naked women and orgies are too many of in this one, 7 February 2002

Whats this all about?What was the point,tell me director,in making a picture about a shameless,bisexual,orgywoman model from the 80's?Ok,Jolie did a fine role in this one,but apart from her and maybe Elizabeth Mitchell,all the rest were plain bad actors.

This was supposed to be a film....But it didnt turn out to be nothing more than a pervert orgy with beautiful people and some wheepy drama last 30 minutes. This demonstrates nothing but that people can be obsessed with sex and other excesses.And Jolie becoming one with her part proves that she is very much like that in reality.Thats a reason i dont dream about her like so many men.3 out of 10 is all this film deserves.

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Captivating and mystic movie, 4 February 2002

I think this is maybe Eastwood's best work as director to date.This very captivating movie is full of mystic and has the best elements of humour,mystery and elements of film noir that melt together perfectly.

Its a little gloomy,but in no way boring film set in 70's Savannah,Georgia.Kevin Spacey is excellent as the rich and intriguing Jim Williams who has a private relationship with city's wild boy,Billy Hanson,played very well by Jude Law.Movie is full of great moments,for instance when Williams and John Kelso(John Cusack at his best) visit the graveyard at midnight to talk to Minerva,who is a kind of voodoo woman and she tells them what Billy's spirit says.And then she tells Kelso"Your problem is that you think nobody loves you." It was very engrossing moment.

And Lady Chablis provided humour to the movie,which was kind of nessecary in order to prevent it from becoming too dark and gloomy."She" was hillarious.And Alison Eastwood provided the love interest.I liked her role as well.Its another great thing with this picture.Everybody gave their best,heartfelt performances.And with such a director,its no wonder.

Ending is very engaging morally.Kelso finds out that Williams did commit a true crime(note this one!;))and that Hanson didnt really intend to kill him,as Williams claimed.And the way Williams dies is chilling and an impressive scene.This gave the film its finishing touch of greatness.I will always look forward to watching this movie again.A hundred times hurray for Clint!

A clear 10.

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Loved the chemistry, 19 January 2002

This movie undoubtedly has one of the best pairings of movies in late 90's,that of Snipes and Lane.Diane Lane is at her most beautiful and enchanting here and i liked her performance.Snipes is as always very cool and strong and shows depth.Its amazing how someone can show depth in action and criminal movies as he does.Blows my mind.

Film has a decent story and issue.It has already been worked up by Eastwood in "Absolute power".Its about people in key positions who use their power to achieve their own secret goals and do what they like.Alan Alda is very good as the stern villain who secretly works against the president played equally well by Ronny Cox.Benzali and Donovan make good supporting roles.

But what is the best thing with this is the chemistry between lead stars.Even if Wesley and Diane dont get involved romantically,their relationship makes it worth to watch even without the love scenes.They have quiet strength and strong charisma.And their bond is a great one.

This is a good 8/10.

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Whats so bad with this?, 17 January 2002

I dont understand such bad reviews of this movie.I rented it a few days ago just to see how bad it was and i was surprised.Nothing worth mentioning,but nothing worth butchering either.I think Sorbo is a good enough actor for his kind of films and Tia Carrere...well she's worth watching even if she isnt among the best actresses today.She looks interesting with light hair.

So,i would say this deserves at least 4 out of 10.If you are absolutely bored,this cant hurt to watch.Didnt hurt me.

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Emotional drama, 24 December 2001

This is a good drama with a very touching ending.Pierce Brosnan does one of his best roles ever as friend of "Mr.Johnson",a Nigerian who sees himself as englishman.The way this film ends makes it big.

See this but take a few tissues if you are soft hearted. 7 out of 10

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Bad bad bad, 13 December 2001

This is one of the worst films of the last five years.Such big names among the cast and so little they produced.It seems like only Byrne can hold his ground.Malkovich sucks,Irons is dull,Depardieu doesnt really act and DiCaprio is laughable the harder he tries.

I really wonder what purpose with this was.All you can see is lavish places,bad dressed people and nonsense.

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One of the best asian films i have seen, 28 November 2001

This movie is incredible.With great characters,specially the old swordsman that can fly in the shape of fireball and jump across the trees,this film tells a classic story of battle between good and forces of evil.The final showdown is specially breathtaking and the music score is kinda cool.

Very,very recommendable.Not for the smallest children though.This one deserves a 10.

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