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Hopefully the third will make up for the second, 21 May 2003

I thought the sequel was S T U P I D. The great thing about the first movie is you did not know what was going to happen next. I mean it was a real trip. The problem with the second film is that there is no story. So instead they fill up the movie with stupid side characters. There is a new pilot who makes remarks through the entire movie like " How does he do that "...or " Wow he's doing that Superman thing again". To make matters worse they show the city where all the "free" humans live and it looks cheesy and fake ( Another bad scene when the new pilot says "its so good to be home " and he looks over a railing and you see the city for the first time, complete with a choir soundtrack that goes WHAAAAAAAA... I guess it would of been impressive if it looked at all real.

There is a villan in the movie ( towards the end ) who literally says " I chose a french accent because it is better to swear with" Then he starts swearing...C H E E S Y!.

The plot does not come in until the last 10 min. By that time you are way to bored to even care.

Two of the fight scene's are pretty cool, but it feels like you are watching a video game. There is no plot to keep you interested in what happens.

Doris Day Today (1975) (TV)
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Anything goes with Doris, 9 August 2002

Doris looks and sounds fabulous on this campy variety special. It begins with Doris on a swing wearing a wholesome white dress singing Cole Porter's "Anything goes". Within the number her outfit changes into a revealing blue pant suit and she is dancing with the "world famous" Lochers. Her guests include Tim Conway, Rich Little, John Denver and the dance troupe the Lochers. It is wonderful to hear Doris' take on current songs of the time; Day by Day (from Godspell), Midnight at the Oasis, and The Way We Were. Within the hour show she performs a comedy bit with Tim Conway, sings her movie themes.. with Rich Little providing the voices of her co-stars, and duets with John Denver.

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The biggest her four legged friend, 1 July 2002

Doris Day came out of retirement and started the "Best Friends" show. The main focus was her love for animal welfare. Her first friend on the show was Rock Hudson. She also had visits from Kaye Ballard, Denver Pyle, Robbie Benson, Howard Keel and many others. Although the show was shot on a low budget, the heart of it was in the right place. It was also exciting to hear Doris sing again. She recorded a handful of songs especially for the show, including the theme. The most touching moment is how she shared her love for her favorite friend "Biggest". He was a dog who was also featured in an episode of the Doris Day show. She had attempted to put him in a loving home but he always ended back in her arms. He had a wonderful long life living with a wonderful lovely lady.

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Doris is out to pasture, 8 May 2001

By this time in her career Doris was being forced into roles by her husband Marty Melcher. The forever beautiful Doris looked a little worn out on this production. Filmed on location, the scenery is beautiful and Doris' performance makes up for the simple plot. Its too bad the script was just so so. The best scenes are when she is defending her land and causes a "womens riot" in the town. It is enjoyable to see David Hartman ( 70's host of Good Morning America )and supporting star Elisabeth Fraser ( who played Doris Day's sister in Young at Heart). Doris is Hollywood royalty although she has never received the recognition she deserves.

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Well hello Peter.... so your here, 8 May 2001

The story of this movie seems to be a set up for Doris Day's last film ( she actually had one after it ). Doris plays Margaret Garrison a stage actress who constantly gets type cast as a virgin ( hmmmm any similarity to what happened to Doris in real life??). While giving an interview for playboy magazine Margaret spills the beans that she would like to have a baby.... Well her hubby does something naughty and Doris goes running for the home in the country. Doris Day's performance is engaging.. especially when she is medicated !! Although Doris was forced into this movie by her manager husband ( her husband had lost all of her money in bad investments ) it is a delightful 60's film. So set a Sunday afternoon aside and hope that the lights wont go out when you put in the video!!

The Mummy Returns...... without a plot or suspense! ! !, 8 May 2001

This movie is completely awful. With a throw together plot and computer cut out effects... wait was this the Phantom Menace?? It seems that the studio executives decided that they would use the tried and true sequel success formula.....add a child actor ( It "worked" for Jurassic Park II ).....put the characters in the exact same situations as the first film....Jonathan pretends to be a zombie in the first movie so lets have him pretend to be a pigmie in the sequel. In the first one the mummy creates a giant sandstorm in which his face appears so this time lets have a giant wave where his face appears. I guess the studio thought that the similarities would be to subtle for the public to recognize. There was more excitement in the first ten minutes of Spy Kids than in the entire 2+ hours of this dredge. Save your money !

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If you like 'em painted up, powdered up !!, 1 March 2000

A trailer park treat. Rich in character's and dialogue. My favorite scene's were with Brother Boy and Dr. Eve Bolinger. His performance as the" Tammy Wynette transvestite" in therapy is not to be missed Fans of Oliva will not be disapointed. She is the towns Honky Tonk singer throughout the film. The subplot with Ty was a little tiresome...but the film is quite enjoyable