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Utterly Unique, 24 May 2001

There is too much in this movie to comment on. It is fast-paced and breath-taking. It is beautiful and romantic. It is lush and decadent. Its is poignant and human. It is absurd and bizarre. It will affect your very core. This film is part Broadway Musical, part Opera, part Music Video. Had someone explained it to me in those terms, I would not have gone. But I can assure you, as a fan of Opera rather than MTV, that the elements WORK! Ewan McGregor is a rock star waiting to be. Nicole Kidman is beautiful, powerful, and a very nice singer. The supporting cast is amazing. There are so many wonderful costumes, sets, lights, colors, camera tricks, songs, musical manipulations, dances, and best of all, it all blends together into a WONDERFUL story! (reminiscent most of Dumas' "Camille", with even a reference to Camille's most famous portrayer, Sarah Bernhardt). It is nearly overwhelming at times, and it is so simple at times. Every element is blended together seamlessly to create a completely new form of the movie-musical. I would like to go into specifics, but I will exceed the 1,000 word limit far too quickly. I think anyone who enjoys love stories, musicals, operas, dance, or just a good film will appreciate this movie.

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WOW, 9 May 2001

Some of the greatest stunts and combat scenes ever done. Yes, dialogue is cheesy. You do not watch these movies for dialogue. Notice how long the camera stays in one place during an extended fight scene. Yeah, that usually means that what you just saw is one take (since, when this movie does edit, its usually fairly obvious). If you like this type of movie, watch it. If not, stay far, far away.

Memento (2000)
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Its not a gimmick, its something new, 9 May 2001

Yes, it's true. The entire movie is based on a gimmick. However, I honestly feel that this does not cheapen the picture in the slightest bit. I loved every scene; discovering information as our lead character discovered it. It demands a second and third viewing, as there are many subtleties and quick flashes that may not be picked up on the first time around. Its one of the most original films ever made, and for people who scoff at the concept of not having a short-term memory, it actually is a real condition. Watch this movie. And, please pay attention. The performances are wonderful, and its structured magnificently.

I didn't really like Sixth Sense...., 9 May 2001

Am I the only person who didn't think the Sixth Sense was that great? It was all smoke and mirrors; made to trick you into thinking something different from the painfully obvious truth was going on. This movie, on the other hand, is brilliant from frame 1. The way the shots are framed, the completely accurate references to comic books (yes, I AM a comic book fan), the journey the characters take, its all very well developed. Some complain this movie is too slow. I found it completely engrossing. OK, maybe the last 2 seconds of the film were lame, but its 2 seconds, and its teletype (don't worry, I didn't spoil anything. "OH MY GOD! TELETYPE! YOU JUST RUINED IT!") At any rate, I found it brilliantly acted, AMAZINGLY directed (M. Night stays away from "tricks" this time like random redness), and definitely a movie to watch two or three times.