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Golf provides an outlet for a coming of age teenager., 23 March 2004

This was one of the better movies I've seen in sometime and the first I've seen Mason Gamble in. Gary Sinise has been a favorite of mine for many years. The chemistry between the two was great. Timmy, Mason Gamble, is determined to be the best golfer around only to find out that one of the all time greats, Forest, Gary Sinise, resigned from the game because of a problem with his conscience. Forest gives instruction to Timmy on the right moves and helps him to understand that the game is to be played for the fun of it, not just to collect a bunch of trophies. Timmy is faced with adult situations, when he sees one of the ace club members make a error who refuses to take the penalty. And again when it comes out that Timmy's friend Jamie is found to of been molested by the club president, all of which is hushed up. Timmy takes the right stand on the issues and comes out the hero he is, while Forest corrects the mistake he made years ago that caused him heart ache for many years. A tremendous story that will hold your attention if you like the game of golf and care even a little bit about a teenager doing the right thing. The acting was outstanding all around and the movie well worth the time to watch. I might again. 8/10

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As a director Ethan Hawke should keep his day job., 13 March 2004

This story didn't have a story. Bouncing around the lives of several couples living in a run down seedy hotel had no real plot. All the characters seemed to sit around, dance down the halls, strum guitars or otherwise providing inane performances. Frank Whaley, as an example, played the part of a want-a-be stand up comic, a second attempt for him for which he again failed miserably. Ethan Hawke should keep his day job as an actor, something he does extremely well and quit trying to be a director. The rest of the actors were equally inane in their performances. The camera angles were faulty, the multiple colors from one scene to another added nothing all the while the various characters moped around whining about their sad lot in life. A movie you will be glad you missed. I gave it a 1/10 only because they don't allow zeros. Waste of time.

Civility (2000)
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Classified as a Thriller, more of a Comedy., 9 March 2004

Thank goodness for William Forsythe dressed up as Col. Sanders, but with out the KFC bucket of chicken. He added a light hearted air to an other wise drab go no where movie. Okay, the plot: an innocent young man comes to town to attend his dad's funeral, hear the will read, and wants nothing more then to get out of Dodge. But its not that easy. He has to revenge his father's killing. He ends up killing and assisting in killing several people without retribution or explanation before he makes out and finally makes off with his child hood sweet heart, leaving the town of Civility behind. Oh, and in the end he rewards Col. Sanders for all his help in doing all these deeds. Waste of time.

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A lot of funny with a touch of drama and pinch of criminal., 15 February 2004

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Two not so bright small time crooks end up with a baby girl by "accident" and find a change in their lives. Billy (Ulrich) becomes the guy to take care of the child and look after it. Buford (Oldman) wants to get rid of it, but the others they knit with are for doing the best they can. They conspire to rob a pawn shop to get the necessary money, only to end up heroes for stopping a heist already in play. At one point Billy starts to let the baby be adopted, but takes only 60 seconds to change his mind. And money appears when needed the most. The cast was great, Gordon Tootoosis, Anna Gunn, Peter Green and Mary Steenbrgen. In the end Billy is the father he wanted to be with the expectation he will marry Shauna Louise (Radha Mitchell) when she gets out of prison (You'll have to see the movie to find out why she's there). This would of been great family entertainment, but for the nudity and foul language, which, in my opinion added nothing but an "R" rating. Worth the time to watch and enjoy the humor. 7/10

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This excuse for a movie should be taken out and shot., 14 February 2004

Two hit men are fast friends. One the mentor of the other. But in the end the mentor is killed by the mentee and the mentee is then done in by?? Little plot, people are being taken out by the two hit men as the story unfolds in flash backs. Scenes fast forward then go slow motion for no apparent reason only adding disappointment to the already annoying dialogue. Multiple subtle sex scenes of head giving add nothing. Unrealistic scenes of shootings, particularly early in the movie where the main character gets to a roof top set up to do in a guy across the street. The lineman telephone is conveniently laying next to the junction box and the rifle is already under a tarp waiting to be used. Give me a break. The movie was filmed in NY City prior to 9-11 as the WTC towers are in the back ground of one scene, but Imdb says released in 2003. Guess they were trying to get up enough nerve to flash it in public. I gave it a 3/10 and two thumbs down.

25th Hour (2002)
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One of the worst most boring movies I've ever slept through., 8 February 2004

This one was so exciting that I woke up three times to rewind to where I dosed off in order to see the entire disappointment. While three of my favorite actors, Norton, Hoffman and Pepper played the main characters along with Brian Cox, the movie was not that good. They all did their part to hold it together, but in the end it didn't help. The main character, played by Norton, is trying to turn his life around in one day after being tapped for possession of illegal drugs and on his way to prison. He suspects his girl friend for turning him in only to find out it was a close "friend." His connections with the drug scene set it straight and take care of the guy when Norton's character can bring himself to kill the guy. Not to get carried away describing the moribund aspects of this one just accept the fact some might find it a good movie, but for me its a total disaster. Don't waste your time.1/10

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An Italian western set in modern day Amsterdam, Holland, 7 February 2004

Some where in this thing called a movie is a plot. A lot like the movie "The Candidate" but with an Italian shoot 'em up twist. I watched this one because I'm a Skeet Ulrich fan, almost turned it off it was so bad but managed to hang in till the end. Beware of this one, it has continuous flash backs which add nothing and only take up time. Cut out all the manure and the movie would of only run about 30 minutes.

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Funnnnnny all the way., 31 January 2004

Its good to see Skeet Ulrich in a comedy role for a change. He is superb. Leslie Nielsen is great as ever and Natasha Henstridge gives the movie that extra touch of the female side to make it a real hit. This is a comedy, take it as such. The plot is good, although some what predictable. Let go and enjoy the antics as they take place, nothing serious about this one. Easy and fun to watch. Relax, enjoy and watch it. A funnnny situation movie all the way. 7/10

The Babe (1992)
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At times tender, at times crude, story of THE Babe., 29 January 2004

Loosely based on the life of Babe Ruth, the GREATEST slugger ever. An unwanted child stuck in a church sweat shop during his developing years to become one of base balls all time greats. The story transcends the Babe's life and reveals the hurt and pain he suffered due to rejection. One can not watch this movie with out feeling compassion for Babe Ruth and his overcoming the mental anguish he went through. The story was superb, the plot was on target and the acting of John Goodman outstanding. The rest of the cast played their parts believablely and, while not an Oscar winner, certainly worth the time to watch, more than once. 7/10

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A comedy with action and lots of violence., 23 January 2004

It was interesting to see that some one could bring together so many well known actors and actresses to produce a comedy based on the old theme of robbing a Las Vegas casino. If it was supposed to be a serious effort then someone goofed. The outrageous acting, the barfy customs and plot made it a poor excuse. I almost stopped watching it, but did make it to the end. The one stand out was David Kaye, playing the part of the kid, Jesse. Take the scenes he is in with his exchange with Kurt Russel and Kevin Costner and you have comedy. Watch this one if you want, but by all means do not get to involved and do not take it as a seriously work of art. 5/10

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