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"Bloody Marvelous (literally).", 26 February 2000

With possibly no more than three exceptions, I never met a movie by Run Run Shaw I didn't like. THIS one I Like - it's got the Venom posse, it's got the tried and true formula - betrayal, murder and revenge - that works, it's got awesome moves (WHO GIVES A RIP IF THEY USE WIRES), and most of all, the villans get theirs in the end.

Works for me.

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Amazing - an Excellent Movie, with No Deaths!, 26 February 2000

Credit must certainly be given to Run Run Shaw, Chang Cheh et al for producing such a classic movie which thrills the viewer from start to finish, and without anyone being killed. The true story behind this film is an understanding of the way the martial artist should conduct himself.

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Don't Mess with Pole Fighters, 26 February 2000

As in the case of many Shaw Brothers masterpieces, the following lessons can be learned:

a) DON'T be a traitor b) DON'T leave the hero unless one is 100% sure that he's dead c) DON'T MAKE THE HERO (in this case, LUI CHIA HUI) ANGRY - YOU WON'T LIKE HIM WHEN HE'S ANGRY. d) If you love this type of movie, DON'T leave this life without seeing it.