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I'm not sure where it was going but I think it got there, 25 August 2002

I found both script and acting to be painfully bad for the first half hour or so, but things seemed to take a turn for the better after Meneer Chrome lost his wig (no, seriously). Scacchi was as glorious as ever; McGregor was as enjoyable as ever; and the other three principles each held down their corner of the story. The biggest weakness was the garden itself - it seems like the filmmakers were even less able to afford Chrome's vision than Smithers was, with a result that was more suited to a stage production than a movie. I'm not convinced that this movie was a good use of two hours of my time, but I also find that I can't get some of the imagery out of my head - generally recommended if you have patience with period pieces and like movies that ask more questions than they answer.

The Killer (1989)
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must be a guy thing, 8 April 2002

The main female character is child-like, blind, and none-too-bright; the men are merely incomprehensible. The ghost of a plot and many painful minutes of seriously flawed moral ramblings apparently exist only so that there is something to tie the action sequences together. The "up" side is that everything involving guns is basically gorgeous - I had to pause the DVD just to savor the moment where three gunmen (in classic John Woo standoff) and four medical personnel surrounded a dead child waiting to see if she would start to breath again. However, it had too many flaws for me to consider it a good movie; I gave it a five, which on my scale puts it at the forefront of movies I kinda wish I'd never seen.