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Watch it again..., 23 October 2000

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Most of the jokes I didn't really get until *right* ater they happened. Like when they eat at the Chinese restaurant with the enormous neon sign that says "Chop Suey" and Ron asks the Pearls, "How did you find this place?" Or after Corky's departure, Sheila is crying and Ron says sincerely, "She hasn't cried like that since our wedding night." (remember his surgery?)

Anyways, a lot of the humor is subtle, and you need to watch it more than once, I think.

SubUrbia (1996)
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Too harsh for the masses..., 23 October 2000

If you like 90 minute movies (over the course which each character becomes a better person), characters with whom you can deeply sympathize, complete resolution of all conflicts, and happy endings, don't rent this. subUrbia is too harsh, too honest, and too painful.

Ribisi and Katt are amazing. Katt was great as the wisecracking "Stacy" in the movie The Limey, a role similar to his in subUrbia (Tim). Overall, the characters are too angry, poisonous, and disillusioned to be likeable. I didn't find this to be a bad thing, however.

Adding to the numbing ache of the movie is the fantastic score- Sonic Youth's droning guitars and a nihilistic soundtrack all add to the depression in Linklater/Begosian's Burnfield. Enjoy. Or not.

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Paragon of Cheese, 10 April 2000

Okay, though I gave this movie a fairly high rating (7), I must first acknowledge that it's a terrible piece of work. Horrible. You'll feel insulted while watching it, it's that bad.

Therein lies the humor.

C'mon, in the right mood, this will make you laugh your ass off. The art of the turkey is a delicate one, in this vein I recommend "Super Ninjas". Also great cheese is "Big Trouble in Little China", though it was *trying* to be cheese, so it's not really the same.

But this is genuine schtuff! The editing is really choppy, the characters are caricatures bordering on racism (every black person in the movie can breakdance, and the sidekick is a funky fresh rapper named RJ), and the acting terrible. Jean Claude Van Damme is the villain, an evil Russian named Ivan (seriously!) a role even he can be ashamed of. I think it was before he learned English properly, since he has about two lines in total... Get a bunch of friends, some beer, turn down your cerebral cortexes and enjoy.