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I got ripped off in this con movie, 25 December 2007

This movie had potential, but what makes it really bad is Lindsay Crouse's acting. I've never seen her before in anything else and maybe there are some Crouse fans out there that like her in something else, but her performance in this movie is bad.

Her delivery is robotic. When she delivered her lines it appeared that she was trying to make sure she had the lines right and was simply reading off the list in her head. So, her voice has very little inflection. I can't believe someone that bad at acting was given a lead role in a movie. She has to know somebody in the biz.

Now I hate to be this mean about her, but the comment has to be "this" long and her performance is what sticks out more than anything else.

However, I liked where the story was going so I continued to watch it. The first part of the script has the makings of a good movie. But the end was disappointing as well. Maybe if her acting had been better, I would have liked it.

Thou Shalt Laugh (2006) (V)
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Hilarious! I laughed so hard I cried., 27 February 2007

Hilarious! I laughed so hard I cried. It's a great deal funnier than most stand-ups you see on Comedy Central.

For me, special kudos go out to: Thor Ramsey, Michael Jr., Jeff Allen and Taylor Mason. The other 3 were very funny as well, but the 4 I mentioned were a very tough act to follow. I never stopped laughing the entire time. Patricia Heaton did a great job as well, and I wish we could have seen more of her.

The show is not "Christian" because there are Christian jokes, but it jokes that Christians can laugh at and not be embarrassed to have the kids listen.

I have never seen any of these comedians before, but I hope to in the future. Well done and a pleasant surprise.

The Exodus Decoded (2006) (TV)
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Watched it twice now and love it. I bet I watch it again., 25 August 2006

A lot of people think science proves that stories in the bible can't be true. This program shows that even things as bizarre as the 10 plagues, the Exodus, and the parting of the sea can be demonstrated using archeology and science. I saw it as an explanation as to how God used nature in His plan (after all it's His). A "this is how He did it" for the faithful. The host is a believer.

A skeptic will probably still see it as a "well if it did happened, this is the explanation" to an unbelievable story that I did not earlier believe was even possible.

Well, we still have to have faith. But, I'd rather believe in God's providence than a series of really bizarre coincidences that led to more bizarre results.