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"Big Deal" (1984)
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How to gamble for a living, 22 February 2000

Robbie Box is a heavy gambler, whose luck goes from the highs to the lowest depths. His girlfriend, Jan and daughter Debby stick by him for much of the way, but eventually leave for Australia only to come back. Robbie wins a club in a card game which itself is lost also in a card game. This is classic British comedy/drama at its best.

"Bread" (1986)
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80's Liverpudlian comedy, 22 February 2000

Comedy set in a Liverpool household, about a family that scrimp and scrape to earn a living. The moral of the story is they sit around the dinner table arguing. Ron Forfar who plays the Dad, Freddie Boswell is a down on his luck nagged man after his affair with 'the tart' as his wife calls her. Not a sitcom that lives long in the memory.