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Foreshadowing, 16 April 2000

Great 80's sitcom. Lifetime played reruns for awhile. It was about ex-stockbrokers who opened up a childcare center in their house, and everyone seemed to think that was just fine. For some reason, this quickie show sticks out in my mind because it was the among the first things Thora Birch of "American Beauty" did, as well as Julia-Louis Dreyfuss from "Seinfeld," who played Eileen on this show before she was Elaine on "Seinfeld." The best episode of this show was when Ross, the couch potato son dreamed he was on "The Brady Bunch," where all the Brady men did was get perms and "fix their bikes." Strangely enough, Christopher Barnes, who played Ross, went on to play Greg in "The Brady Bunch" movies.

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Overrated, boring and funny, 1 March 2000

From the bad acting to the I'm-not-sure-it's-on-purpose amateurish direction, this is one of the most jaw-droppingly awful movies to come out in years. I didn't find it the least bit scary, namely because everything looked fake and the acting was remarkably bad. It was obvious from the start that the film wasn't "real" because most people would have genuine believable fear and sadness when faced with death.

People say that the fear generated came from not seeing what the horrific things were. This just made it vague: the characters are frightened by disembodied voices and scary images that you can't hear and never see--it's confusing, not terrifying. I was bored to death and kept looking at my watch. That ain't good, cause it's less than an hour and a half.

"Blair Witch Project" was all hype and not good. But unlike it's hype-brother "Phantom Menace," "Blair Witch" had no redeeming qualities. "Cool As Ice" was better than this load of garbage.