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another superb michael caine performance in thought-provoking film, 22 May 2004

it's always a joy to watch michael caine . He makes acting seem effortless as he becomes his character. As for this wonderful and very thought provoking film,

read Roger Ebert's review on this site. He expresses everything I felt about this film perfectly.. with writing that I could never hope to equal.. I 'll only add that the scene of all of the old veterans marching and wearing their medals moved me to tears. Every role. every scene. is perfect. A film you will remember for a long time.

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a warm, insightful film about a brilliant songwriter, 10 May 2004

if you love the music of the Pogues, you'll love this documentary. If you've never even * heard* of the Pogues- you have a real treat coming in this film. (and this from someone who's kids are older than MacGowan!)

Another plus : after seeing the honest, often moving and funny scenes

and interviews of Shane, you'll never again judge people by their appearance.

And the songs are brilliant, indescribably wonderful. "Fairytale of New York" will be a classic Christmas song, up there with "White Christmas"

(though of another world!) If you get Sundance Channel, see it while you can.

Innocent Victims (1996) (TV)
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realistic and well done on all counts, 20 May 2003

this must be based on an actual murder and trial, as nothing in it is "pat" or convenient. All the parts, even small ones, are excellently acted.(just read in screen credits that it **is** based on actual transcripts, etc.) It shows how an innocent man can be charged with rape and murder , based on no hard evidence.Definitely makes you think.

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unforgettable; a work of genious, 30 March 2003

history of pop music, from the songs of russian-jewish immigrants, thru the blues and many others. Bakshi's style of animation may not be for everyone, but i loved it. charachters are very real, no hint of "cartoons" Can be enjoyed by the whole family. It's a unique work, like nothing else I've seen. And the glorious music!!

The Face of Fear (1990) (TV)
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definitely suspensfull,with original twists, 7 March 2003

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I'm writing this so this film will have more balanced comments. more original ideas than most films of this genre, and does hold your attention .No more implausable than usual suspense films- except for one thing that bothered me (NOT a spoiler): while trapped in office building, why didn't they just call 911??

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one of the funniest lines in film history, 8 October 2002

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

i'm sure there are many comments on how funny- and original- the entire film is. I just want to add it has a scene with a line that had me laughing hysterically. This is not a spoiler, as I watched the film a second time, just for that line and scene. It occurs during the 1st half of the film, when Nicole and her film mother are performing a **perect** take of a scene together, and Buscemi's charachter tells his cinematographer to film it; I decided not to give the exact line after all; just remember the word "milk"! Buscemi is wonderful, as usual.

The Lion of Africa (1988) (TV)
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long on violence, short on adventure, 10 July 2002

Except for a few cliche scenes of Africans mainly at the end, this could have been filmed in most any rural part of the U.S. There's not much adventure, but lots of gunplay. And the only black soldiers in the film are portrayed as bribe-taking crooks. Yes, I know some of them are, but as only the one group(of soldiers) is shown, it gives impression that all soldiers/officials are. Also, can't remember any wildlife.

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a haunting, not by-the-numbers film, 29 April 2002

I first saw this film as a child, and was surprised that I remembered so much of it over 30 years later. It is an unusual story of children who end up on a pirate ship by a quirk, and their relationship with the pirates, who regard them as unlucky. Which turns out to be true, in an unforeseen way. Anthony Quinn, as pirate captain, is superb, as are all the cast, especially the actress playing Emily, the oldest child.

Forget any preconceived ideas you might have about the plot. This is a haunting, unforgettable story.

Tully (2000)
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a rare gem: a film about real life, real people, 21 April 2002

Stumbled onto this on sundance channel- what a gem.No wonder it's on sundance!How refreshing to see film about real people. And real lives have no "formula", and don't have a "neat" plot that ties up neatly at an ending(which you can usually see coming long, long before. Real life is messy, a lot more than good guys versus bad guys. See it if you can.

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too many unanswered questions- like motive?, 7 November 2001

nice little suspense film about Ford looking for time bomb planted by a saboteur on an open rail car full of explosives, and they don't know what time it's set to explode. Nice plot idea, but a few quibbles- like what was the saboteur's motive? We are told nothing about him. And wouldn't they transport the explosives in a SEALED rail car, maybe even with guards??? And though all I know of defusing bombs comes from films and tv, isn't it done by a bomb **Squad**, not one man? ( who seems to have no official position) Was the British Army out of town?

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