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Glee, "Original Song", 22 May 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

OMG, I LOVE this episode! I've watched it over and over, to the tune of at least 50 times! Talk about a groundbreaking episode! And the previous reviewer was so right: the Finn/Rachel/Quinn triad struggle--which does serve a purpose--was getting a bit stale (and kind of a downer). This episode raises all the "Glee" love, optimism, and excitement that this show is known for. Wow. How can you fault this episode? Note: You can't. There is Mercedes' "Hell to the No" (exceptional!), Puck's "Big- Ass Heart" (so great!), Blaine's upbeat "Misery," Kurt's gut-wrenching "Blackbird" and Blaine's response, the KISS (need I say more?), the super Regionals' performances by the Warblers and New Direction. Wow. I actually have this entire episode especially linked on my desktop. I can't WAIT till the DVD comes out!

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Love Medium... wish they were not leaving., 22 January 2011

This show has held so much appeal for the regular American (and maybe others!) family. There was such TRUE love between the characters of Joe and Allison, and so much concern, love, and family values that were displayed, were incredible. The bringing forth of the children's lives was very evocative, and very heartfelt. Of course I was distraught--at first--at the outcome for Joe, but nearing the end, I felt a sense of peace... relieval... hope for the couple that so much loved each other. And that, to me, is quite the story. In all, I believe that "Medium" was such a winner, and I am SOOOO dismayed that I will not be able to "visit" the family after now. I felt comfort in them, and I think that comes from the great acting and writing. Who can fault them? No-one, is my best guest. I love this show, and I shall heartily miss it. I wish the best for all of the actors. They are QUITE talented.

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Very insight into the plight of a mother, especially those with "sight", 11 October 2010

Interesting that she had never had visions until her daughters was kidnapped, and makes total sense. Dormat abilities will often react that way. Mine did with the death of my mother. As for some reactions that it lessoned the "abilities" of the male, I totally disagree. The detective was never rude or condescending, and was actually relatively open to her suggestions, as much as he could be, officially. And her husband, even separated from her, was right there by her side the whole time. I thought this movie was right up there. I might would have liked to see a bit more interaction with the son. As for the perpetrator... sorry, but the disturbed boy really had no future, anyway.

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Wes Ramsey, 24 March 2007

Wow, can this dude be any cuter???? Upon viewing, it is obvious that he is quite talented; however, blessedly, he is also "gifted." There are a lot of actors out there--a LOT--and to rise above the rest enough to be noticed at all is quite an accomplishment. H has worked in television, theatre, and film, and is destined (I believe) for an admirable career. He started with "Charmed" (in my book, anyway, because I had not seen his previous work), and was impressive even before that in "Latter Days".... my gosh, the guy is so OUT THERE! However, despite (or, in addition to) his obvious talents (which, admittedly, many actors possess), THIS ACTOR is quite diversified. If you watch his acting, you will see how "into-it" he gets... he is exceedingly believable. From "The Guiding Light" to "Dark Honeymoon," not even taking into account this performance in "Reign of the Gargoyles," this guy has shown his acting prowess. Fellows like him have to fight against their looks, and I think he still has to do that, but he is definitely on his way.

My husband, a military man, was understandably hesitant to give "Gargoyles" a shot, but was pretty impressed with the final result and admittedly humbled by the experience. Give this movie a shot if you are a WW2 fan, a Wes fan, or even a symbiotic-drive dramatist. He delivers.

I wish him luck and good fortune.

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It's a TV show with a great "escapist" flavor! Enjoy!, 11 March 2006

This is a TV show that offers an escape from reality. Does it deliver? Certainly. Does it offer story lines that include both family values, that dips into realms only dreamed of? Yes. This show doesn't pretend to be "Law & Order" (insert your favorite 'uptight' show name here...) and we don't pretend to be watching shows like that when we are watching "Charmed." This is a show that can make people happy; it can give people hope in the future, either real or imagined. Honestly, isn't that all that is really needed? I mean, how many 'reality' shows do you have to see before you concur that there are a lot of people out there that are just plain miserable and unhappy? If "Charmed" can make you smile, then I say, "GO FOR IT!!!!"

This is a fabulous fantasy drama with aspects that appeal to almost everybody: family values, hope in the future, belief in innate goodness. Just sit back and enjoy!!!! :)

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Beautiful film...., 12 July 2005

This film is not only extraordinarily beautiful in its melodic dialogue and setting, but is richly evocative of so many biblical tales and mythological conceits that one cannot help but find some central point upon which to focus a memorable feeling of sensibility, something tangible with which to identify. The thematic familiarity continues throughout the story, punctuated by lush scenes of corporeal sensuality and threatened by harsh exposure to characteristics that we all possess yet nevertheless cringe from in reality (and on celluloid). Kama Sutra is more than just a love story; it is an epic voyage through one woman's lyrical bildungsroman, one that the viewer finds torturous in its painful honesty and yet strangely rewarding in its denouement.

Toonstruck (1996) (VG)
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An entertaining and challenging game for kids and adults!, 12 May 2000

Toonstruck has excellent audio, video, and animated aspects, and the vocal talent is superb. Christopher Lloyd couldn't be better, and the interactive puzzles are challenging enough for adults--indeed, the kids might need a little help! This is a great game for the family to play together, and because there are so many different kinds of puzzles, the replay value is there as well. All in all, a good choice for role-playing gamers!