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"3 lbs." (2006)
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Too Derivative Of House, M.D., 6 July 2007

I watched the pilot and noticed more than a few similarities between 3 lbs and House, M.D.. Tucci's character is brilliant but socially inept out of choice, similar to Laurie's character House, but without the acerbic wit that Laurie brings to House. Meanwhile, Tucci's 'straight guy', the emphatic doctor Seger, is not developed into a more interesting character, like the fallible 'straight guys' Cuddy and Wilson. Indira Varma's character Adrienne Holland is too similar to Jennifer Morrison's doctor Cameron to be a co-incidence.

Someone at CBS obviously noticed the success of House, M.D. and told his staff to get him (her) a similar show, hoping that mimicry would prove successful. However, copying a show like House demands the same high level balance of wit and suspense and Tucci and company are just not up to the challenge.

I didn't know the show was canceled until I read the comments on IMDb, but it doesn't come as a surprise to me.

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Get the DVD, the extras are great!, 6 December 2004

I got the DVD as a gift and I noticed that the feature documentary on The Dark Side Of The Moon is followed by a DVD-only extra section. This section adds extra footage that was taped but not included in the documentary (probably to avoid making the documentary too long) - an in-depth part on Gilmour's use of the double and triple-tracked guitars, an interview on the nature of Rock 'n Roll with Roger Waters, a story on the background voices, etcetera.

For any fan on Pink Floyd or student of modern music, this DVD is a must-see. Especially noteworthy is the in-depth look at recording and producing Dark Side; since this was pre-computer technology, the stories about the tape-loops to sync the clocks for the intro of Time, the story by Waters on making the cash register sound for Money, using sequencers for the space sounds... Their creativity is astounding.

A few small details were so incredibly interesting - Rick Wright using a piano chord from Miles Davis' Kind of Blue for instance was a revelation for me, as I recognised the chord but couldn't place it.

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Modern Film Noir, 27 December 2001

Having always had a weakness for the proverbial 'femme fatale', I thoroughly enjoyed Linda Fiorentino's portrayal of Bridget Gregory, who steals her husband's ill-gotten loot and skips town. Her skill in seducing and manipulating the men [and women] around her is both scary and highly enjoyable. As I don't want to spoil the enjoyment for first-time viewers, I'd say, if you have a chance to watch this excellent film noir, prepare for some of the finest acting, and a happy ending for those who're most undeserving... Enjoy.

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My Kind Of Happy Ending., 29 July 2001

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

As a European writer of crime fiction I often lament the contrived 'happy endings' of most American movies, so I was pleased with The Last Seduction, and its main character Bridget Gregory, a bitch who not only goes unpunished for her cruel and heartless behaviour, but is actually rewarded for her skill in manipulating the hapless men around her. Fiorentino's sardonic portrayal of Bridget is fantastic, you can see the gears of manipulation turning behind every calculating look she casts around. And instead of making her evil, this just makes her intelligent and ruthless, something a lot of women would like to be. A highly enjoyable movie.

On the Line (1997) (TV)
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Police drama without a flaw., 29 July 2001

Police movies often have flaws, from cardboard characters to unrealistic dialogue. This film is a rare bird, realistic on all counts, from the action to the interaction. The violence is gritty but well-handled. The good guys are regular people, not heroes. The criminals are intelligent and organized, not just a bunch of degenerates. As a writer I often find fault in dialogue, but here the dialogue is terse and believable. Also, the humour is witty without crossing the line into being crass. Linda Hamilton, often playing strong women, accurately portrays a police woman struggling to balance a law enforcement career, a love life, and the care for her son. Haunted by her experiences in the Sex Crime Division she forces a transfer to the Robbery/Homicide Division, where she is confronted with her last Sex Crime case, as the victim dies from the violence inflicted by the rapist. To see Hamilton's character deal with relocating the victim's retarded son is extremely moving, as is her own son's anger and fear when she comes home late and drunk after a 'night with the boys'. The police action often reminded me of the realism of police series like Hill Street Blues or NYPD Blue. Not only do you see the work involved in strategic decisions, but the psychological background is not lost either. All in all a realistic movie, with believable characters involved in believable action and interaction. What more can you want?

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The true gunslinger!, 5 October 2000

In most movies, gunslingers are cold men with hot bullets, but in this movie Ed Harris convinces the audience that no-one is beyond redemption. Killing out of hatred has not turned Lassiter into a robot with a gun, but a human being plagued by the life he has chosen. Great acting, by everyone.