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For Burners Only
19 April 2015
First of all, this is a much better movie than a '2' but it's not a high-7s either....

The thing is that nobody was able to string the images into any kind of story, or something that resembles a framed experience. It was a random bunch of tourist clips, that's all... The narrative isn't coherent. The context is unknown. People seem angry, joyful, all of a sudden without any understanding of what is going on.

I loved it, I love the people who made it, I loved watching it but Im a Burner. I drank the Kool Aid and then danced at Opulent and stumbled home at 4 am. I didn't but I did.

In summary. The movie just isn't useful for anybody who has never been there... You can't get any sense of anything from the film. Don't think you will understand what your experience might be by watching this film.
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Judge Mathis (1998– )
Judge Mathis is a GOOD Man and Entertaining Show
26 January 2007
I agree with the poster who said you can't write this comedy. The jokes come straight from the horse's mouth, out of left field, just when you least expect them.

I get more laughs from a single show than from some entire series of some comedies, and even some that I enjoyed.

Typical exchange:

Judge: You're suing for defamation. Plaintiff: Yes, your honour, she told people that I was dating a hermaphrodite, and that I only started professional wrestling so that I could rub up against men. Judge: Do you have proof that this damaged your career. Plaintiff: Not really. I ... I'm not allowed to wrestle anymore in Kentucky...

Although the Judge does have a weakness for picking fun at some of these ridiculous people (how could you resist ?) he does have a heart, and makes a point to provide a moral centre to the show.

Well done.
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Male Fantasy (2004)
15 December 2004
I saw this on a lark at the TIFF and was quite pleased with it. The main character seems to have no redeeming qualities, which is always a great place to start for a comedy.

The rest of the characters are either selfish, insecure, or needy and often all three. Again, this makes good fodder for funniness.

The humour is dry... very very dry. So don't go if you enjoy Jerry Lewis gagfests, but do go if you like Curb Your Enthusiasm.

There was an actual (simulated) sex scene in the film, though, which I thought was too real for the frame of the narrative. Other than that, this is a fine opportunity to go to a film to laugh at others, then wonder on the way home... "hey, maybe I'M like that"
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A Great Flick for Gong Show Fans
6 December 2003
Actually, it's a MUST see for Gong Show fans.

The film is uneven, but there are some excellent scenes such as the hospital scene.

Plus, you get to see Gong Show rarities like the popsicle twins and Jaye P.'s unsheathing.

Note that 30% of the voters (so far) have given this film a 10 and about 30% have given it a 1 !
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City of God (2002)
Close to a Masterpiece
31 October 2002
I saw some incredible films at the Toronto Film Festival this year, but this was the best.

Breathtaking film, characters you will never forget, gripping story, beautiful photography, and a deep message - the whole package.

Don't miss it - this is in the "one film a year" category.
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Real People, Real Problems
25 September 2002
So often we see drug addiction get the talk-show approach.

This can mean:

a) The Jerry Springer approach b) The Oprah approach

Either approach is vain, sensationalistic, unoriginal and immature. Now a new film Never Get Outta the Boat captures the viseral emotionality behind addiction in a way that no other film has.

There's rage, sadness, fear and even joy in drug addiction and this film catches it all. I have only ever used fairly soft drugs, and only been addicted to tobacco, but I could identify with the constant WANTING that these people have to endure for their whole lives.

This film shows the drug problem in America exactly how it is by showing you the addicts as close to the camera as is possible. There's no didacticism (Traffic) and no romance (Naked Lunch, Drugstore Cowboy, Sid and Nancy) involve. As a result, one viewing is more effective than a nation of lifetimes of "DON'T SAY NO" commercials.

I saw this film at Toronto three weeks ago and I still remember many scenes vividly. Go see it.
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8 Mile (2002)
8 Mile World Premiere at Toronto Film Festival
8 September 2002
I just came from the world premiere of "8 Mile", Eminem's much anticipated semi-autobiographical hip-hop flick twenty minutes ago.

First of all, the film was a huge hit with the audience, with several spontaneous ovations for E's character (Bunny Rabbitt) when he rhymes (not enough) in the film. Although you could dub the showing a love-in (many devoted fans were in attendance) the film definitely held its own.

The Toronto Film Festival is best when its films show you a world you will never know, and 8Mile definitely did that. It showcases life in central Detroit, which rivals Liverpool England for social mobility, and hip hop in general. In order for hiphop to completely cross over, it needs to provide its middle-of-the-road audience with some touchstones that they can understand. This film does that, and, thus, is more of a cultural event than a film.

The film itself is fine, with excellent acting (E and Kim Bassinger) direction and cinematography, and a script that keeps you interested, even if the story is something we've all seen before. It would have been nice if there could have been a deeper message than one of individual inspiration and strength. I keep thinking of all the sad lives Bunny Rabbit must have left behind after he "made it", but this is an American film, so don't look for any Marxist messages of inspiration here.

8Mile is the definitive hiphop film, but it only offers as much insight into the big picture of American life as Elvis' films did. Eminem aimed slightly higher than he could have, and hit the mark.
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29 March 2002
This guy was so far ahead of his time that a NY audience doesn't even come close to getting it. Prior improvises, switches gears, does serious monologues and character pieces.

It's a shame there isn't more material with this guy doing what made him famous...
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Pearl Harbor (2001)
25 May 2001
It's garbage.

If you go to see it, then you'll encourage other film makers to make films like this.

We are all responsible for the sad state of our culture today. If we refuse to succumb to the brainwashing publicity machine it will wither and die.

In fact, if you hear of someone who has gone to see this film - openly ridicule them ! Point out how naive and unsophisticated they are. Perhaps this kind of behavior will spread like a virus, causing Hollywood to pay more attention to writing and less to graphics and good looking mannequin actors.

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Seen it twice now...
8 February 2001
Even with its flaws it easily stands up as the best film of the year.

No one can bring the intensity of being human to the screen like Lars Von Trier.

Warning: this is not a "comfort" film.

Don't see it unless you're prepared to feel uncomfortable, sad, hopeful, frustrated and ultimately exhilarated.
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Dogme doo-doo is better than Hollywood's Diamonds
29 January 2001
This film is flawed, there is no question.

But it's highest moments soar high above anything that the film making corporations could hope to attain.

See it if you're not afraid to see the best and worst of humanity, in a story told by someone who makes films for adults.
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Superb Portrait of Artistic Passion and Disturbing Genius
22 February 2000
Engrossing stories and tall, tall tales of madness, passion, and art. Wicked and delicious and intelligent...

The ultimate voyeuristic experience - spying in on the most precious, pretentious souls and watching them collide with each other...

Kinski was a beautiful lunatic. See this film.
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Nice depiction of nonsexual teacher obsession
22 February 2000
The acting and direction are all there. The movie sets the atmosphere, builds tension, and gives us a nice payoff.

But the most original part of the movie, is the obsession that Hart has for the law professor. There's something about that relationship that rings true, even if you've never gone through it yourself.

Well done.
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Magnolia (1999)
Had an 'unfinished' feel...
21 February 2000
This film had some very inventive ideas, and I found it to be much more watchable than 'American Beauty', but there were also some things that annoyed me about it...

The overall length of the film, and of individual scenes was... well... long. Cutting would have helped. These long scenes do have one beneficial effect - separating the good actors from the "okay" ones. The good actors make their scenes watchable even when the writing or direction starts to falter.

Good for Tom Cruise, Julianne Moore, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, William Macy, and a few others...

There aren't many moments of bad acting, but with this many resources at his disposal, the director has NO excuse for any bad acting. And there are a few...

That said, Tom Cruise's monologues were disturbing and funny and he should get a gold statue for that... I liked the 'singing scenes' and the frogs especially.

I also liked how none of the characters commented on the frogs. It was almost like, with all the sinning going on, they were expected at any moment. That was a nice touch.

I told this to a friend of mine, and he said that the writer/director simply forgot to write in any reactions for the characters. I know that that can't be true - if it were, that would mean that a major hollywood writer/director like Thomas is pretty much a fake. That couldn't be true could it ?
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AB mixes genres to ill effect
21 February 2000
The main problem I had with this film was that it started out as an almost cartoony satire of American life, but later tried to mix in moments of heartfelt drama. That change in story tone was so jarring as to turn me off altogether...

I've checked, and there seem to be many other people who felt the same way.

However, the acclaim for this film can't be ignored, can it ? It obviously speaks to a certain kind of person - maybe the type of filmgoer who has never seen this type of thing before.

I'm reminded of the hype that surrounded 'Wag The Dog' - which was billed as a stinging political satire. I found it quite tame, and later had to conclude that the film spoke to an audience that wasn't normally attracted to political films.

Maybe AB has just enough social commentary to attract the wide audiences (and therefore appeal) that usually shun this type of film. I don't know...

Anyway, if I didn't have a problem with the genre mixing, I still would have had a problem with the story which was fairly unremarkable.

For a truly 'edgy' American film experience, go see 'Happiness'.
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The Skydivers (1963)
The absolute worst - not one scene works
21 February 2000
this is the absolute worst film ever made - let no one tell you differently not a single scene makes sense, no scene is pretty to look at or to listen to, no scene is well acted

every averagely bad movie can be fun to watch - this is pure pain

it's unbelievable
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