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The Watcher (2000/I)
after the fact, 15 September 2000

While sitting thru this movie I was not really frightened at any time by what was happening up on the screen. It seemed more like it would really be if a FBI agent where hunting down a serial killer.Also you knew when every killing would take place and where. You knew he wouldn't get caught, only almost caught until the very end. But all that aside, for days now I have had flashes of Keanu going thru my mind. His character had such pride such confidence. He so easily charmed his victims and yet you knew there was something missing. Call it no heart call it just plain evil. But he was able to charm you and make you feel creepy at the same time. I will definitely buy this DVD when it is released.

Speed (1994)
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Keanu Reeves forever changed the movie hero, 29 August 2000

Speed was a revelation to me . All of a sudden I was on the edge of my seat pulling for the hero. Up until that time I always knew the guy with muscles was going to win no matter what. But Keanu made me want him to win , he got me involved with the story. He did the same in Matrix. The hero is once again exciting.