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Evil (2005)
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For Us By Us, 19 July 2006

When I first heard about the making of Greek zombie film, I must admit i felt really excited but a bit weary at the same time.

Excited because this was going to be a first for my country, but a bit uncertain of what it could turn out like...I knew that the guys that made the film were working on a shoelace budget and I was worried that as proper "gore" is quite expensive to create, the whole film would be just people with ketchup on their faces walking around Athens.

From the first moment watching this film you realize that it is made by people who love this kind of genre , for people who love this genre.

Don't expect any hidden meanings when watching "evil". The film is here to entertain us and it succeeds in doing so big time!

The acting is good, the effects are surprisingly convincing, and most of all it is really funny!

Obviously the guys who made this film were inspired by Peter Jackson's "Braindead" . Trying to combine humor with horror is really difficult but they did a great job!

I heard somewhere that the guys have currently plans for a new movie. I just cant wait! And guys if you are reading this... please please please let me be in it! I'll do it for free!

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Terrible! Avoid at all risks!, 13 March 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

When I saw Christopher Lee was starring in this film I thought to myself that it cant be that bad. But it was!

First off all Mr Lee doesn't star in this film, he only does a prologue and an epilogue to it. The thing is that what he says in his parts, have absolutely nothing to do with the rest of the film.

The plot? A teacher embarrasses a pupil who is mocking his lecture. Is that a reason to kill all the poor guy's family?!?!?

Then the teacher,who lays in a coma in hospital, and is apparently paralyzed from the waist down, summons a demon to take revenge on the killings. But how can i paralyzed person toss and turn in his bed?

And why does the demon, look like the monster from "the swamp thing"???

And last but not least, why oh why is this film called "the meat cleaver massacre" when there is absolutely no meat cleaver used in this film??

The plot is stupid, the FX are stupid, the acting is stupid. The whole film is stupid. Avoid!

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War of the Cheese!, 5 December 2005

After reading the reviews of the film on this site I must admit that I really don't understand some people.

When you rent/buy an Italian film, made in the seventies, called "War of the Robots", do you really expect to see Orcar winner material??

Of course not, you know from the beginning that is going to be a badly acted/directed/dubbed piece of junk. But what an entertaining piece of junk!

I've never seen so many men dressed in blue mini skirts in my life! And let's not forget the blue tights as well. it's like watching an episode of the Smurfs in Space!

I've never seen so many terribly crafted MDF settings/furniture since the last time i watched a home improvement show on British TV.

I've never seen so many stupid wigs since Cher's last world tour! And imagine the results when you use them together with silver space suits and silver body paint! Wow!

As you can understand I never even bothered to notice the plot or even the fact that the person who translated the script from Italian, probably didn't speak English.

But what really surprised me about this film is that even though we are surrounded by all this space hi-end technology, it seems that none of the female space crew even know what a push-up bra is, and the wonders it can do for your figure....

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Avoid, 5 December 2005

I am a huge horror/splatter fan, I even enjoy horror films some people consider as stupid. I also like gore. The more the merrier as long as it has a point.

After reading the other people's reviews on the site I was sure this film was going to be a little gem. But much to my disappointment it proved to be one of the most pointless films I've ever watched.

The acting was terrible, the dialogs were stupid, the plot was pointless, the special effects were useless and the editing was probably done by someone who has been dead for the past 2 years. Usually i find that all these characteristics make a great b horror movie . But not in this case.

I waisted 11 EUR to get this DVD.

Unless you actually enjoy pointless gore ( for example the "violent sh*t" films) avoid at any cost!

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Boring boring boring, 28 April 2004

As a fan of the extreme japanese cinema i was really excited to finally get my hands on this film. But it was simply not worth the wait. The film is very slow and boring and as a matter of fact i had to fast-forward most of the film. Also most of the film's action is in the last 30 minutes and even when you finally reach that point of the film you are simply not interested anymore. It would have been way better if they had cut out about 45 minutes of the film ! and also , the scene at the end where a guy goes crazy is far too long. we dont need to see the guy jumping up and down for 10 minutes to understand there is something wrong with him

Bad Taste (1987)
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There has never been such an appropriate film title before!, 27 February 2000

There are 2 words that could perfectly discribe this film and they happen to be the title: BAD TASTE! You got everything in this movie: terrible acting, sick sence of humour, tacky settings, stupid script, awfull music scores etc etc etc... But then again this is why it's so entertaining....A must have.....

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Intimate, live, fabulous and camp!, 14 February 2000

Kylie at her best!!!!! She just proves that after all these years (more than 10) she still has IT. And how much more gay can you get from the "forty men in pink hot pants dancing like crazy while kylie full of glitter sings better the devil you know" scene?