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fantastic atmosphere, 10 July 2007

"Escape from new york" really good movie.Snake Plissken and the new york.perfect harmony. Best apocalyptic movie I have ever seen .But action going is slowly. This movie is best of john carpenter. "Escape from Los Angeles" is a trash. much money and bad movie. But "ghost of mars is a worst movie of John Carpenter. I think he lost his imagination.Whatever snake likes fogy weather. He goes incredible mission. and he success. After this movie many replica made follow . And now somebody will remake this perfect film. They must be crazy or they have much money. Nobody can make "escape from new york" remake. Even john carpenter and Kurt Russell. This is a cult movie. Thats all.

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Worst, 21 May 2007

"büyü" The worst movie I've ever seen . Nobody can make worse than this. Orhan Oguz is the worst director of the world. He does not know anything about horror movies.This movie is a trash. I have seen before "Turkish exorcist" at the theater. It was an old movie but was the only real Turkish horror. Except that, new generation Turkish horror movies have really bad scenarios ,actin' and direction. "Büyü" cant be like a "Turkish star wars". Cause star wars is a strange movie. But "Büyü" is a really terrible bad movie. Now at last I must say "dont watch any Turkish horror movie". "araf" , "gomeda" , "dabbe" are not much worse than "büyü". But have you got enough time? Don't waste your time.

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Great Tv Series, 14 October 2003

White Shadow series appeared on Turkish tv in the begining of 80's. There were hard days in Turkey in economics and politics areas so this series made the youth happy and provided them different point of view. During this period Turkish basketball life jumped to upper level.This improving in basketball has still carried on in these days. White Shadow had a big influence on basketball and Turkish teen life. Therefore this series has an important place in Turkish social life.