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Tooth (2004)
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A very poor advert for British film-making..., 17 February 2004

...this film is truly, truly awful.

I cannot believe how fragmented and totally lacking in humour this film was.

Released in the UK to coincide with the half-term school holiday and therefore guaranteed a pretty full house, there were only two people who I heard laugh out loud in the entire film. I don't think either of them were children.

Honestly, don't waste your time with this one...

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Don't let a lack of budget fool you..., 6 November 2001

...this is a film with a great deal of raw quality.

Two adolescent friends - one with all life's supposed headstarts, the other burdened with a shedload of reality - share a common battle to face up to their personal tragedy.

The interactions between the leads are well acted, but strangely in keeping with their social differences, the strongest empathy with each is possible when seen acting without the other.

An extremely strong film visually and probably best seen if you've just had a really s***ty day yourself. Welcome to the real world!


PS Great soundtrack...