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Western Myth of Romanticism expelled, 4 January 2001

Thorton, Damon, and the beautiful Cruz complete a fantastic rendition of the exceptional book by cormac mccarthy. The movie is fantastic.

The Beach (2000/I)
Good flick about paradise lost, 12 February 2000

I thought the beach was a good flick depicting that paradise is not what is around you but rather an attitude. No matter how nice the external surroundings are the interal condition of yourself is what makes or breaks "your paradise". Side note - the chick is one of the most beautiful girls I've seen hit the screen in a long time.

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Movie is simply awesome, 10 February 2000

THE KILLER EYE is classic horror film - strong performances by the actors - especially the male hustler and Creepy Bill - that comes together to bring us a nice horror film. Cult videos has done it again - good job. Also the male hustler in the beginning is quite the good looking, as multi-talented, actor.

Alien Arsenal (1999) (TV)
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Alien Arsenal - good little flick, 10 February 2000

Strong performances by Josh Hammond. Good story line about good overcoming evil. Nice "cameo" by Ryan Van Steenis from the Killer Eye, turning in another strong performance. The movie is a good one for the kids