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A good spin-off of a popular Unsolved Mysteries segment, 16 February 2009

There was a segment on Unsolved Mysteries called "Final Appeal" in which cases of inmates in prison or on death row who might be innocent were profiled. In the fall of 1992, the concept was expanded into a weekly half hour series. The show utilized reenactments of the crimes or other key events as well as interviews with witnesses, prosecutors, defense attorneys and the appealant. Robert Stack hosted and narrated each episode. Unfortunately, the ratings were poor, and the show was canceled after a run of only six weeks. During it's short tenure on television, the show did lead to the release of one innocent man - Tony Miller, a young musician wrongly convicted of armed robbery. Some of the Final Appeal episodes were recycled into episodes of SPIKE TV's Unsolved Mysteries with Dennis Farina, and at least one episode was shown on Lifetime with any references to it being a "Final Appeal" program presentation edited out. As a result, few viewers are aware of this short lived but important series, which is truly a shame.

Decent, 26 March 2000

I normally wouldn't watch something like this, but I found myself in a situation where friends were watching, so I decided to watch too. I came away with the feeling that this was a pretty lousy movie until I gave it a second viewing.

Watching the second time around, I came to the conclusion that "Mystery Men" was certainly not as bad as the critics had stated. It has some very funny lines, and some great acting from Ben Stiller (Mr. Furious), Will Macy (Shoveler), and Hank Azaria (Blue Raja). I also thought the "Captain Amazing" and "Casonova Frankenstein" characters were creative and funny as well.

On the other hand, I thought it was a tad bit on the long side. There were a few scenes and characters they could have done without. For instance, I wasn't crazy about the "Sphinx" character. The weapons designer guy (I forget his name) wasn't too great either.

If you do decide to see this film, don't approach it seriously. You must be in a proper frame of mind to get anything out of it.

Janeane Garofalo is HOT!

The Masseuse (1990) (V)
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Not your average porn flick...., 11 March 2000

Most people think of the Masseuse as a porn flick, but this is simply not the case. I would classify this film as a very light "X". There are only four sex acts, each with the same two participants. With that said, hardcore fans will probably want to skip this one.

On the other hand, if you're in to a story, this is a good film. The plot centers around a single guy, and his experiences at a local massage parlor. He finds himself caught between a rock and a hard place, when he begins to fall in love with the masseuse (played by stunning Hyapatia Lee), forgetting that their relationship is essentially groundless. The ending may come as a shock for those expecting a hook up between the two characters. What happens? Well, you'll just have to see for yourself.

Aside from the four sex scenes, this movie strives to be just that, a movie. There is major focus on plot, and the acting is above average. They even went all out and shot this on film! Pretty uncharacteristic of porn.

If you want to get off, this is not the movie for you. If you want to pass the time with a nice story, and a touch of sex, this should fit the bill just fine.

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Not a bad show, 28 February 2000

I would imagine that no one remembers this show, which is a shame because it wasn't half bad. Basically, it was a murder mystery that profiled fictional cases, and the viewer along with the detective, had to solve them. Unfortunately, it wasn't very popular and they only put out a few episodes before it was canceled. I can't even remember any of the details since it has probably been about eight or nine years since I last saw an episode. Overall, it was pretty neat. I honestly can't say I've seen a show like it since.

Antz (1998)
This is a good movie!, 28 February 2000

I was one of many students who watched the videotape of "Antz" in Ms. Caracello's senior government class (what the hell does this have to do with government anyway?) and I actually enjoyed it! Probably one of the better films she has subjected the class to in a long time. For those who have not seen it, you're in for a treat. Antz is chalk full of comedy, terrific one-liners, and other subtle humor. The animation is semi-descent, flawless for the most part. The voices are also great. I loved Gene Hackman's portrayal of the evil leader, as well as Christopher Walken's portrayal of one of Hackman's foot soldiers. Although this is a somewhat predictable story, it does have its highlights, the "Insectopia" sub plot for example. Antz is probably more suitable for adults rather than kids. All together, this is a great film.

From the male perspective...., 28 February 2000

I hate to use the words "chick flick" but that is exactly what this movie is. I normally wouldn't sit through such drek, but a date required me to do just that. Overall, this moving is stupid, pointless, dull, and at times, it just plain drags. There are very few funny lines. I can only honestly remember laughing a few times. The COOKS thing was funny, in a stupid kind of way, and the guy's buddy who wanted to be a porn star had his moments. Otherwise, it was pretty slow. Probably a good "date film" because the girl will like the story and the implied romance. Most guys will probably be staring at their watches, or nodding off. As I recall, I was doing a little of both. Avoid this one.

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Terrible. A complete waste of time..., 27 February 2000

I really feel sorry for anyone who sat through this drek. The special effects are horrible, the plot sucks, and at times this film makes absolutely no sense.

For example, towards the end there is a scene where Nuclear Man (?) takes a woman in to outer space, and she lives (!) Yet, at the beginning you see astronauts in space suits walking around on the moon. They needed space suits to survive, so why didn't the girl?

During one of the ridiculous fight scenes in space, you can actually see that the characters are standing on a flat surface, and the space backdrop has been superimposed.

Don't even get me started on the bad acting, and plot. Avoid this at all costs.

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Bad......, 27 February 2000

This movie really sucks. I was dragged to it by a "friend", but found myself nodding off. This movie is so boring, and so ridiculous, I can't remember the last time I have seen such a poor film. A complete waste of the seven bucks I paid for the ticket. Avoid it at all costs...

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A good show..., 26 February 2000

I watched this show as a kid, and I really thought it was cool. Unfortunately, I don't remember much about it. The show revolved around the adventures of a cop turned super hero, who fought crime with speed (no, not the drug, he was really fast). If I remember correctly, it was only on for a year or two before it was given the axe. In that time, they probably put out ten or eleven episodes.

Turk 182! (1985)
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I kinda liked Turk 182...., 21 February 2000

I saw this one a couple years ago on Cinemax, and didn't think it was half bad.

Sure, the plot dragged at times, but how can you hate Turk 182? The film makers had good intentions.

Basically, the plot revolves around a guy (Timothy Hutton) and his brother (Robert Urich) who is injured trying to save children from a fire. Because the guy was intoxicated at the time, the city refuses to foot his medical bills, regardless of the fact that he saved these poor kids from certain death. So, the Timothy Hutton character heckles the mayor by covering the city of New York in graffiti (long story).

Overall, I thought it was a cool idea that was, for the most part, well executed by the cast and crew. So, if you can't find anything good on TV, check out Turk 182.

Zimmerman flew and Tyler knew! :-)

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