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The Hive (2008) (TV)
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Like creature flicks - you'll love this!, 7 September 2007

For me, if you start with a premise of killer ants you cant go far wrong but throw in aliens, babies being eaten, dialogue like "im not here to have a conversation with an ant" and you're moving into true cult status.

Add to the mix ants who form themselves into fists and knock over trees and how good does this film sound? And you haven't even seen the cool weapon the good guys have!

You could argue that its not the best acted movie in the world but I don't think awards ceremonious were on anyone's mind when storyboarding this one.

If you think say "the swarm" is a poor movie then this maybe isn't one for you but if you've ever lay awake at night wondering how ants would build a computer then this is the only place i know where you might just find out!

Adrift (1993) (TV)
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Shock Horror! A good Kate Jackson Movie, 25 July 2000

This is actually an okay little thriller very much in a Dead Calm vein. There's some needless sub-plot about extra-marital affairs at the start but once the action starts its pretty good.

An above average TV Movie with only a few "Thats just stupid - no-one would do that moments". The craziest being when one of the good-guys is trying to quietly escape but takes time-out on the way to noisily trash the villian's room thus putting the kibosh on the whole thing.

These things withstanding its worth 90 minutes or so of your time.

Orphans (1998)
A must-see movie, 10 February 2000

Orphans is what they describe as darkly comic, its bleak, emotional, lump in the throat stuff which in places makes you laugh and in others would bring tears to the proverbial glass eye. There are flaws, but on the whole its a great movie with fine performances from a fairly unknown cast. If you like "real" movies and can understand scots accents don't miss out on this superb film.

Flawless comedy with Bill Murray's best performance, 9 February 2000

My favourite film.

So you have to relive the same day over and over again? Think of what you would do? Harold Ramis did and developed it into this wonderful movie. Its an interesting premise for a film, Bill Murray as a obnoxious weatherman is trapped in a day he cant escape - no matter what he does every morning he wakes and its Groundhog day again. There's no explanation of how this happened to him (good!!) but its great watching him deal with it. His main challenge is to make Andi Mcdowell love him and his attempts are wonderfully funny. If you haven't seen it, watch it now, if you have watch it again. See it for the laughs, for Andi Mcdowell's beauty, for the performance of a great cast (Bill Murray is truly superb), see it to make life feel a little bit better.