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this is a list of movies i would refer movie maniacs to watch. most of them are unforgettable. each in their on way. lots of horror, spaghetti western, classics, action, adventure, comedy ...but also a lot of different type not often seen on tv and hard to get. some surrealistic, independent and experimental films.
i sorted the list by the year the movie was made.
try to collect and watch. have fun studying the list.... !!
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Never or seldom shown in television, you have the chance to watch every docu for free at Just use the link in the commentary. [This list is incomplete and will be continued in the next weeks ..] thanx for your interest and please share the list ;)
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Strange movies from th dark north of europe. Great flicks from Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland.
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BLooD, GoRe, MoNSTeRS, VaMPiReS, ZoMBieS ... a list of my favourite horror flicks !!
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The list contains all directors, who made at least one excellent i love ! Most of them made more then one and are still in production. (No italian directors here, cause they are in a special list)
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