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The ultimate Comedy!, 17 October 2002

The "Channel 9" show was the best work Howard Stern and gang has done outside the radio. Since E! show is the radio show, this skit and interview show had some of the funniest moments in history.

Great moments. The Gilligan's Island crew turning to cannibalism(starring Bob Denver). Homeless Hollywood Squares. Iggy Pop calls Howard Stern an a*****e for asking him about David Bowie's sex life. Great Satire: Howard Stern dressing up as Clarence Thomas with his bad black accent and eating fried chicken. Howard playing Daniel Day Lewis's role in My Left Foot, etc.

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Dignan is one of the best characters ever, 24 August 2000

A friend of mine said "you have to watch the funniest movie ever" and he was right the comic timing is odd, yet hilarious, Dignan is a heartbreakingly pathetic person, played to perfection by Owen Wilson. JAMES CAAN! great casting, The Dignan character makes this only a little better than Rushmore, although Bill Murray was fantastic. A must see!