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Get Carter (2000)
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Pitiful remake, 4 March 2003

There's really no way to justify the existence of this remake. The original was simply so much better in almost every way (cast, screenplay etc.) Actually the only good thing about the remake is the soundtrack. I'm surprised Michael Caine even agreed to play in this film.

Pronto (1997) (TV)
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Great comedy, 9 July 2002

A hilarious comedy based on Elmore Leonard's novel. Even though it's a TV movie, it's far better than most of the big screen criminal comedies. I strongly recommend this movie to anyone who likes Leonard's novels.

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A great comedy, 1 June 2001

Animal House is one of the funniest comedies I've ever seen. What could be cooler than to see those eager students get their asses kicked by a bunch of drunks :). Great music, great jokes, great women. What more could you ask? Watch it with beer.