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The Deal (2008/I)
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Reverse, 11 February 2009

This is the complete reverse to American Night where François Truffaut made us feel how a film production is close to life itself. Where real feelings were floating around and you could feel its character's heartbeat for the love of making a film and for filming the love, the hate the arguments that you find in every day life. Same in the filming process which is a part of life. Or should I say that life is a part of the big picture. At least this is what I felt about The American Night, noted that it isn't Francois best film for me. This the exactly opposite which connects us to nothing and to no one. A really standout bad performance from Macy -maybe the worse of his career- which seems that he is the director in the film, directing himself. Standards and easy lines with the same amount of acting cliché's. When in film school a teacher told me that there shouldn't be a talk about if a film should be produced or not. Meant that all the films should have their way to the screen. One thing I am sure about after seeing this film. If this one could be produced with having to say anything at all, then every other script must be produced.

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This is far from a masterpiece, 9 October 2008

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All the scenes of the blond girl and the old convict should have been left out. The story is about a cop who is in search of a serial killer. That's fair enough. But how the older convict connects to this story? And what is the meaning of that connection? Only that he was arrested by the same cop we are following. The script has many flaws and all are beginning from those scenes and the characters that are really unnecessary. This film has nothing to do with Seven which was really a masterpiece. This is a good attempt but it's far away from fulfilling its purposes. Of course the leading actor is brilliant but there are things that leaves a bad impression. At least to me. For example we see the girl visiting for the first time the leading character at his office and the officers let her pass to it. But we never see what is happening after and we coming back after several scenes to the same girl waiting for him at the stairs of his hotel. This is at least amateurish to me. Or to say it in a more professional way, the parallel scenes and characters damage the whole script.

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An excellent study, 21 May 2006

An excellent study of a "real" Greek character which is so close to reality that can't be separated from fiction.As Vafeas did with his "Repo" and himself with many of his films, he gives a psychological detailed analysis of the main character, very rare for Cinema, that is almost like you are living next to that specific Greek type. The same goes for every other character and of course with the woman character (who won an award at Thessaloniki's Film Festival). The title is an idiom that is being used in Greek language, to describe someone who is not very willing at things, in general. Someone who don't like to work or to be pushed by anyone but he wants to live by his own rules. He has big ideas about himself but he is just a plain man.

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One of the best Greek Filmmakers, 20 May 2006

Tassios is for me, one of the best Greek Filmmakers along with Vasilis Vafeas. He is very good at describing the inner part of the characters and he has outlined very good, Greek people. He use a "doc" style film-making, giving you the sense, that you are just watching something that is being filmed at the time you are seeing it. His characters are always in the middle of a world that they don't want to be or they don't fit. They have understand something that other people aren't able to do or they don't care to.Like in this film he explores what means to be with someone who don't love and to love someone who can't be with. I think for Greek cinema his themes were very different from what other "known" filmmakers were shooting at those days. And this is some greatness of an artist. To do things in other ways that separates you from the crowd.

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Loss of memory, 12 March 2005

First we have to see the parameters. Directing is holding as good as it gets the screenplay that is not so good.The music is giving the film another 40% and it fits perfectly the mood.Mr. Ruben has only made one mistake. Even he is a writer too, he has left the screenplay untouched.My fellow Greek DP has made a terrific job. It's one of those times that you are saying that this film could be one of the best I've seen. One of my 5 best films is Jacob's ladder and they are in the same script line except that this one is more SciFi than the first. But they have something in common. The loss of memory. One of the things of the essence of cinema itself.Art and life got that in common too. What is a man without his memories. Nothing more than a goldfish on a bowl, which someone more intelligent, could watch from above... Someone with wider memory limits.

A film about honor, 22 February 2004

This is a film about America itself.About the unfair killings of Indians which here are compared to Samurai's.Zwick is giving a lesson about how men of honor are.And the last samurai gains back his honor by fighting with the sword and against American's.John Toll was great but was better in Legends.This is a deeply antimilitarist film.

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Who can recognize art, 9 March 2003

The story is about love and what it really means. The easy way would be for the man to leave the girl but instead he stays with her because he loves her. It is all about how difficult is to love and how hard you have to try to stay in love. When you see normal life or better before have a four letter word in your mind:love. If you can't feel it or see it right on the screen you really don't know what cinema could be about.

A circle movie, 19 June 2002

I have seen this movie back at 1990 when I was 22. Long before trying to do my own films. Yesterday night I saw it again on DVD. I think Adrian Lyne is a master even if he is not yet been accepted as one. I do not care. This movie made me stand up on my bed and not wanting to view it while I was lying. This the whole image. Imagine.

Day Off (1982)
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A day off, 19 June 2002

A man in his day off(repo). Incidents of one day in which a man tries to do things that are very common, like fixing his car or visiting his parents. But at the same time the film reveals things like bureaucracy and loneliness. It is an outstanding view of Athens in a slow pace that is very real and emotional in its every day's life touch of emptiness. Lyric ending.