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I liked this movie, even though...., 5 February 2001

I liked this movie even though I found Melissa Gilbert to be quite irritating, and all the Van Danns to be miscasted. But I thought everyone else did a good acting job, especially Herr Schell and Miss Plowright. It's a good children's version of the story. It shows a terrible situation without the terror, and the hope that Anne Frank had about mankind.

The Chosen (1981)
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A soft-spoken movie with a big comment on life., 5 February 2001

This is by far my favorite Jewish movie ever. Although I'm not Jewish in this lifetime, I get in moods for Jewish movies...and this is the one I always want to watch first. It is a soft-spoken movie that makes some big observations about life and religion. The most intriguing idea is about what one should do with a brilliant child who shows little sensitivity about the feelings of others. I think this is Robby Benson's best work, and everyone else in the movie was excellent, too.

The best butler story ever made!, 6 April 2000

Based on a book of the life of a British butler, this is my favorite butler movie . . . and my favorite British movie of all times. From Anthony Hopkin's portrayal of a butler who is afraid to deal with any emotion not related to his job . . . to James Fox's portrayal of a noble, kind British lord trying to create justice and world peace ... to Emma Thompson's portrayal of a housekeeper who wants more in life than a job . . . to Hugh Grant's portrayal--which was really quite comical--of Lord Darlington's godson . . . I'll never forget this movie. And I'll never forget the huge house all lit up at night . . . or James Fox looking out at the rain . . . or Anthony Hopkin's and Emma Thompson standing out in the rain . . . I will never forget these scenes of these people, of the lights, of the nights, of the rain.