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A Delightfully Soft Film that Unfolds Quietly, 19 August 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Diane and I attended this delightfully quiet movie after being moved to see it from the movie shorts seen at an earlier screening of The Lunchbox; we were both exceptionally pleased that we attended 100 Steps because it unfolded so quietly and pulled the audience in so thoroughly that, at least by our standards, we believed the scenario could actually happen: the father had enough money, the eldest son had enough talent, the French woman could make peace, the son would return from Paris to reside in a small French village, etc. As a viewer all of these scenarios do not seem far-fetched as the movie rolls because it is stitched together so well; this I believe, is the true art of movie making, the ability of the people who make movies to make what is perhaps unbelievable believable.

I am amazed at the acting abilities of all concerned with this film; to make the unbelievable believable. Yes, call me a stooge, a patsy or a dupe that can be sucked in by movie make-believe but isn't that what we pay our money for, to be transported to a new realm, a realm that transcends reality?

A very sensitive look into two broken lives, 11 July 2014

Diane and I watched this marvelous movie a few hours ago and when we stepped out of the theatre our thoughts about the film were the same. The first thing we both mentioned was the quality of the acting: every spoken part was delivered expertly. Secondly, we both agreed on the sensitivity of the acting; I thought that it was beyond just "good" acting, it required a particularly symbiotic characterization meaning that the actors literally stepped into their roles. With many Hollywood movies you must devolve yourself from what the actors are doing because they always seem like they are acting. Maybe that is why Hollywood must use fake guns, fake blood and fake dialogue to carry their crazy films. Of course, Khan and Kaur had the largest roles in this film but as I noted earlier all the spoken roles were superb. The script was as superb as the acting requiring, through the director, many moments of profound subtlety. I can easily see why this film was nominated for many prestigious awards: it richly deserves the nominations as well as success at the box office.

Red State (2011)
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Religious fundamentalism at its best., 5 July 2014

Diane and I had the unique pleasure of watching this amazing movie on TV last evening and it will stick in my mind longer than many other movies of recent. I always read, to Dian's consternation, the "Hate It" sets of comments first; I find these college "wannabe" movie revievers in Movie's 101, to be so concerned about the minutiae of a film that the overall impact of the movie's message is totally lost.

Diane was raised in a Fundo family and as the preacher's sermon carried on she was singing the words to the hymns and remembering the Biblical passages to which the preacher referred. My point being the sermon was spot-on in what he said and how he said it and true even down to the fact that she remembered times when she, as a child, would be ushered out along with the other kids because of some topic that wasn't for young ears. I am sure that many people will think that I am zeroing in on particular bits but I have yet to zero in at all. We all know Waco and Guiana so fundamentalism can lead to odd things happening to ordinarily sane people.

Diane told me before we watched the film that John Goodman probably played his best role in this film and we both whole heartedly agree with that assessment. She also told me that the picture teetered on the abyss of not being made, surprise, surprise, because of the nature of the film's theme. I am terribly sorry to all of those college film students but the film was brilliant and a person only need apprise themselves of the gun nut fools playing children's war games in Idaho, Montana, Michigan, Wisconsin or other similar states to find the template for this film.

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Is the journey better than the destination?, 30 June 2014

This is a truly lovely movie. It takes place in wonderfully picturesque Mediterranean locals, is well acted with a good plot. With these mystery movies writing a comment is fraught with considerable worry; what may be relatively insignificant to the writer may blossom into a banning because it is considered a plot opener. Diane and I both enjoyed the film greatly for the above reasons and also because the adaptation from the book is excellent. Some commentators will detract from the film because they will say the film's plot is too open and simple but that simplicity hides the attraction of this movie in that it may be seen by many as "the value of the voyage lies in getting there rather than the destination" and so it is with this lovely film. I am a simple person so I did not foresee all that would materialize at the end but following the story from Athens to Crete to Istanbul was a marvellous way to spend an afternoon. I recommend the journey.

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I wish Holleywood would make films like this now, 17 April 2014

Diane and I watched this wonderful film when it was first released in '73 after returning from trips to Venice. Therefore, we could easily relate to the dark night shots in back alleys with the only movement being cats seemingly searching for prey in dark places. I mention this because this will be one of the few films that you can watch that does not show the glamorous side of Venice: the main piazza, the Cathedral and the fancy restaurants. No, in keeping with the "darkness" of the movie the director has maintained this feeling throughout the film: no sunshine, a funeral scene rather than a wedding and flights of pigeons flying noisily flying off unexpectedly. If you put all of these things together, as the director has, you create excellent canvas upon which to paint the movie that you are filming.

Diane and I had no problem with any parts of the film; we enjoyed it as much last evening as we had 41 years ago. Definitely make the effort to see it on TV or buy a copy in the discard bin of your local movie shop; you will not regret it.

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Don't look for the dirt beneath the carpet you might find a mirror, 3 February 2014

Diane and I saw this film several days ago and I immediately wanted to see it again; she, on the other hand, could not allow herself to see it again. We both discussed the film later but she said that she did not have the stomach to see it again because although she was far beyond being naive enough to disbelieve what was on the screen, she was not prepared to watch the bottom-hugging activities of the film. I too was not surprised by anything that I saw on the screen however, I just wanted to see the parts that I probably missed the first time; although the film is about three hours long, it moves so quickly that it would easy, at least for me, to miss not only the dialogue but some of the visuals.

I have nothing but praise for the acting, the script, the direction and the set direction; I saw nothing in the film to criticise. The enormity of the evil played before our eyes was nothing less than staggering. It would be easy to say that the film exaggerated the events but the limited amount of time I have spent socializing with business people leads me to believe that the events in the film could easily happen given the people making the decisions.

The old saying, business is business and nothing personal meant can be blown up into the visuals on the screen. Once a person believes that screwing another person is just how business is conducted then it takes little imagination to see how that mental palate can be adjusted to the extent that virtually anything can be allowed. This is a hugely damning movie for any business that works on the premise that "business is business."

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The usual suspects will dislike this film for the usual reasons., 3 February 2014

Diane and I watched this under rated beaut on TV several nights ago; I was totally absorbed in the film. Sure, all the aspects of film that upset people will be trundled out to smear this movie but pay no attention to them; pay attention to the marvellous script that uses minor plots to magnify the larger story. Of course anytime you try to make an action film using indigenous actors in main roles you will have naysayers degrading the film for using stereotypes but disregard these comments I found the film very interesting with no dull patches at all. The script was well done and the actors doing their roles to the best as far as I was concerned. The collection of actors both male and female, Anglo and Indigenous were superb. I think that another role played but receiving no credit was the remarkable landscape where the movie was filmed. The dryness of the small town was palpable after watching only the first sections; it was as if a bad metaphor had been dropped into the film but the burnt scenery eventually took on more than just a palate upon which the film was acted out.

I love our films and this one was no exception; there was a palpable sense of doom that was going to catch these people and that doom could not be reconciled. It would need to be played out.

Philomena (2013)
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Brilliance on film!, 4 January 2014

Diane and I saw this brilliant film at Luna on Essex several days ago and we had the same conclusions as to the depth and excellence of this film. We both love watching Judy Dench in any film in which she appears. I believe that this role was hers; it seemed to be written specifically for her because she stepped into the role perfectly. I could find no mistakes in her accent or in the believability of her reactions in the script that called for the subtlety of people confronting who must confront vastly different features of life in different parts of the world.

The script was knowingly written on many levels and as any traveller will immediately recognize those confronting episodes. The script cleverly introduces aspects of what happened to mothers and children the world over. Here in Australia we must deal with the history of "The Stolen Generation" and here in my state of Western Australia is located a place called Fairbrige Farm where children were taken before they were adopted; Coogans' script was extremely truthful and extremely will acted.

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A beautiful slow paced film that draws you in., 15 November 2013

Diane and I watched this understated but lovely film on TV last evening. We both thought that it was a gorgeous film, superbly acted by both Bottoms and Smith who played their characters accurately from beginning to end.

As opposed to other commentators I found the script married perfectly with believability as well as drama in that I just watched the film and, in its slow pace, let the peacefulness of the film roll over me. The slow pace of the film allowed me to admire the cinematography which I thought was exemplary in that the slowness allowed the viewer to take moments looking at the scene. This quietness allowed the camera shots to become beautiful stills with an existence on their own. The director chose the shots but the cinematographer decided what to do with the shot selected and his decisions were generally perfect.

Other commentators found the story too improbable but we let the mood of the film envelope us. The motivations of the two characters could easily be seen. The scenario many not be the most common but the circumstances of the story could easily find traction in many situations.

We loved the film; it was so different from the mindless junk being served to us by Hollywood today.

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Allen's look at New York is superb, 27 September 2013

Diane and I saw this film several hours ago at the Luna on SX in Fremantle (Go the Dockers) and both of us were blown away by this superb Woody Allen film. The acting, led by Cate Blanchett, was outstanding; both of us could find no fault with any of the secondary characters, although in the film they stood out so strongly that a viewer could be forgiven for even thinking they played "secondary" roles.

In some movies I tend to lose attention to the acting and watch the photography, camera angles, set decoration, locations and costumes but in this film I was totally consumed by the acting, particularly of Blanchett but also by all the secondary roles; they were superb! Of course Allen's script was a magnificent tableau upon which this New York world could be displayed for all of us "common" people who do not have the wherewithal to act upon such a "glamorous "stage. We must imagine that the substance of this film actually exists in the more rarefied neighborhoods of the Big Apple and it is to Woody Allen that we must thank for bringing these scenarios to the screen. I lived some years in San Francisco so my comfort was with that aspect of the film.

Blue Jasmine is a brilliant film; please make an effort to watch a movie where Hollywood gets it right rather than relying on car chases, murders or Walt Disney talking human look-a-likes.

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