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its watchable...., 29 January 2005

When I heard they were making a sequel to Ocean's 11, I was a bit skeptical and after watching the movie last night, I had every reason to be! While the first movie was all about class and had plenty of twists, this movie was very jumbled and the overall result makes you wonder why they bothered doing the movie at all.

In the first movie, i enjoyed the focus being on the plot and only occasionally did they indulge into the characters' backgrounds. However in this movie you just learned too much about them and nothing about the heist. One person I found really annoying in this movie was Catherine Zeta-Jones, her character was annoying and i didn't see any chemistry between herself and Brad Pitt (Rusty).

There's not much to say other than its probably something to watch on DVD if even that...

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An insult to Austen and intelligence!, 16 January 2005

After watching and enjoying "Bend It Like Beckham", I was really looking forward to Gurinder Chadha's new film "Bride and Prejudice". However ten minutes into the movie I just could not believe that the same woman actually helped create this terrible, terrible movie!! It attempts to re-tell "Pride and Prejudice" with a Bollywood twist, however I think all Jane Austen and Bollywood movie fans would just be insulted by this garbage.

Aishwarya Rai plays Lalitha Bhakshi(the equivalent to Elizabeth Bennett) and she proved to me that she can't act in 2 different languages. The character was lame and did not develop at all. Martin Henderson plays Will Darcy (the equivalent to Mr Fitzwilliam Darcy) he does a good job, its just a shame he had to act opposite to Rai. The only other 2 actors I liked were Anupam Kher (Mr Bhakshi/Mr Bennett) and Alexis Bledel (Georgie/Georgianna) who weren't used as much as they should have been.

The songs were ridiculous and the voice over for Aishwarya Rai throughout her songs was terrible, I really hope Gurinder re-thinks making a movie like this ever again or for that matter casting Rai.

1/10 (the one is giving credit to Martin Henderson, Anupam Kher and Alexis Bledel)

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a simply lovely sequel, 4 December 2004

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

*possible spoilers of movie and book*

For anyone who's read the book, you realize that they've either cut some of the story lines or changed them. However I was happy with the overall result of the movie, Renee Zellweger does a fantastic job reprising herself as 30 something Bridget Jones. Except this time we see Bridget with the man of her dreams Mark Darcy (played to perfection by Colin Firth) and not really sure what to do with her happy ending. We watch the Bridget's journey in figuring out what to do about her own insecurities about life and love, there are some recycled material from the 1st movie but nonetheless I thought it was just great to watch.

I do wish they had included the storyline of Jude getting married because I thought that was really funny or Uncle Geoffrey's secret life. Even though Rebecca turned out to be a lesbian in the movie, it would have been great if her character had remained true to the book because it really showed the strength of Mark's love for Bridget. It would have also been great if the storyline involving Gary was in there as well, he would have been a great laugh.

Anyway I give the movie 7/10 it was v.v.good

Collateral (2004)
good but not great, 18 November 2004

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

possible spoilers...

I was looking forward to seeing this movie based on the reviews I had heard about it but also from the trailer. However upon watching it I have to say its a good movie but the not the best Tom Cruise movie I've seen. Cruise plays Vincent, a professional killer who picks Max (Jamie Foxx) to drive him to each of his targets unwillingly. Its an interesting storyline to say the least which ties up neatly in the end however I found that it just didn't do what Cruise's "Minority Report" did in terms of mystery. I felt sorry for Mark Ruffalo who had a useless role as an undercover cop who is trying to figure out the deal with Vincent himself, his character didn't develop enough and was taken away pretty fast. Jada Pinkett-Smith did a good job in the movie, its good to see her stray away from the tough female roles that she usually plays. I thought it was wrong to shoot this movie using digital camera-work because it looked really bad and made the camera work look really amateur.

I gave this movie a 6/10, again its good but not great.

sweet, romantic and funny, 9 September 2004

I know that this is a female version of "Big" but I'm still glad it was done because this movie had a more romantic feel to it. Christa B. Allen plays a 13 yr old Jenna Rink who wishes that she could be a sassy 30 year old. After a mean prank is played on her at her 13th birthday party, her wish comes true and then enters Jennifer Garner, a beautiful/grown up Jenna Rink. Jenna enjoys the glitz and glamour her future self but slowly realises that there's a downside to it all. Mark Ruffalo plays her grown up best friend Matt Flamahaff who Jenna deserted in high school for the more popular group. He finds himself struggling to believe her about a teenager trapped in a older body and rekindling his feelings for her.

This movie is lovely for all the romantics out there, I give it a 7/10

I, Robot (2004)
i loved it!, 17 August 2004

I initially saw a little clip of this movie on an Australian talk show and thought the special effects looked really lame so I thought I'd give it a miss. Luckily this was the only movie running at the only time I had to see one, and overall I really loved it!! Will Smith plays Detective Spooner, a guy who's past affects his judgement about the present and the future, in particular robots. When a scientist appears to have committed suicide, he begins to uncover something more serious going on with the robots and the ppl around him. Bridget Moynahan plays Dr Susan Calvin, a psychiatrist who hides behind big words and robots to prevent her emotions being let out. Once Susan meets Det Spooner, she's not intrigued by him but the mystery in general. I loved the robot Sonny, if only we could really only someone like him :)

I give this movie an 8/10 and recommend this to any sci-fi fans out there

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something interesting to watch, 10 August 2004

All I ever have read about this movie are bad reviews but after viewing it today I completely disagree with those reviews. This movie tells the story about the stereotypes that both men and women fall under and whether or not we can or really want to escape from them. Nicole Kidman does a fantastic job as Joanna Eberhart, a high strung business woman who gets fired from her job and suffers from a nervous breakdown. Matthew Broderick plays Walter Kresby, her supportive yet worn out husband who yearns to get away from the big smoke. Along with their two kids they move to Stepford, a perfect town that becomes a bit too creepy from the first moment they move in. Bette Midler and Roger Bart are hilarious as Bobbie Markovitz & Roger Bannister. If I ever moved into a creepy town like that, they would be the two characters I would love to have as friends.

This movie is fun to watch and I give it a 7/10!

(Although I think Nicole Kidman could do with a bit more food!)

fantastic sequel!, 12 July 2004

There's always one thing I fear when it comes to movies and that is sequels! I knew there was a lot of hype surrounding this movie so I tried to ignore it and go into the movies with no expectations. This movie actually blew me away by its content, it didn't focus on some "I hate everyone, I'm evil and I want to kill the world" storyline. Instead it focused on how heroes are within us all (as Aunt May said), how technology has consumed us and how its important to sustain love no matter how difficult the circumstances.

Peter Parker (Maguire) is still fighting crime but he's also trying to fight his guilt over his Uncle Ben's death, his true feelings for Mary Jane (Dunst) and the truth about his identity to Harry (James Franco).

I think its a movie people would really enjoy, I have it an 8/10

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surprisingly good, 9 July 2004

I came on the IMDB to see what people had given this movie and I must say it seemed to have got a lukewarm review. However, I decided to give the movie a go and I actually was surprised by how nice it was. I mean yeah its all been done before but I think its one of the few teen movies that I can tolerate these days.

Mandy Moore does a great job as Anna Foster, the president's daughter, who yearns for a normal life and freedom that she hasn't been able to have. On a trip to Prague she realises that her father has broken his promise to relieve her of the heavy security entourage that follows her every where she goes. From there she embarks on a journey with a stranger called Ben Calder who has a secret of his own but yet finds himself compelled to go along with Anna.

I thought this movie worked well and I'm glad to see that Mandy Moore is spreading her wings in the entertainment industry and that she's completely respectable in contrast to Britney Spears!

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cute and funny!, 9 July 2004

I cannot believe that the ABC cancelled this show because I think its fantastic, the whole cast give such a great performance and I love the concept of the lawyer/match maker. Who could not fall in love with the story of Kate and Michael?! I was really surprised when I heard that the show was put on hiatus after 11 episodes because seriously there are some U.S shows which should have been put on permanent hiatus a long, long time ago (hint..charmed). If the ABC had any kind of entertainment sense and value they would re-instate the show.

Alicia Silverstone does a really good job in this show ans I love the chemistry she had with David Conrad

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