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Whether in films or on TV, it's always nice to run across these talented gentlemen.
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Like a lot of people here, I love movies and I love the people who bring them to life. This isn't a list of the best DPs (though some are inarguably great); these are ones whose work I greatly admire. And, BTW, for those wondering, 'What about Gregg Toland?' or 'Where's James Wong Howe?', I'm not familiar enough with their work, but I'm trying.
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Certainly, I can't leave the ladies out. These actresses know how to light up the screen.
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...thank Heaven for them all.
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These cartoons weren't on the air for very long and didn't seem to catch on with the public at large, but I love them to bits.
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Memorable characters. Exciting stories. Clever dialogue. These individuals have combined them all.
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Shows that never caught on. Shows that I loved to bits. Shows that (in some cases) have yet to hit DVD or Netflix (and what's up with that?).
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I love film music. The emotions it can arouse. The power it can express. I also love the people who bring it to life.
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Now, I love watching cartoons, but in my life, I've seen some stinkers. These aren't the worst cartoons ever made, but they are the worst I've ever witnessed.
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The opening credit sequence does more than tell us who made the film. It invites us into the world of the film and, if done right, can linger in the memory, even if the film does not.
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Not everyone likes these movies, for whatever reason, but I think they deserve better.
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The people who create the outfits worn in the movies. What more do I say?
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I just love the authority and conviction in these people's voices.
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We all have it: that list of movies we can't help but watch; those DVDs we hide when company comes over. The movies that we don't want to love, but do anyway.
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Who doesn't love cartoons? Exactly. Among the things I love are the men and women who bring the characters to life through their voice work.