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Terrible, 15 September 2002

The film is only 1 hour 20 minutes, the plot never really gets off the ground! The acting by Liz Hurley is terrible, she tries to put on a posh English accent and just sounds so false. Apart from that all she does is hold a gun in the air totally unnaturally.

The film never explores anything in any depth, an infamous terrorist is being flown on a plane (747 according to the actors but external shots show a DC10), and is rescued by some of his fellow terrorists who to be honest are totally unprofessional. This could have been a better film had the story lines developed a bit better, and Wesley not overcome all the terrorists so easily.

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Excellent, 12 September 2002

Six part series filmed around Manchester all looking at 6 different relationships. From the women who desperately wants a baby, to a couple who fantasise. Some excellent acting and intriguing stories. All episodes have discreet humour in them, and make gripping watching.

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A southern East Is East, 13 April 2002

The title of this film nearly put me off watching it. Not being a Manchester United fan, the mere mention of Beckham was a bit off putting, however I put my prejudices behind me and I'm glad I did.

I wasn't expecting much of a film, but I was pleasantly surprised. The film sped along with me never looking at my watch and I enjoyed every second of the film. If you liked East is East then you'll love this film. OK so the storyline is nothing new, and the classic storylines are contained within the film but it's all done very funnily, and with a breath of fresh air. The film moves very fast and keeps the audiance entertained. The occaisional funny moments are a good chuckle and not some poor attempt at humour, and best of all it's a good british comedy.

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Read the Book, 9 July 2001

If you want Hollywood glamour, watch this film, but if you want to read about Henry's real life trek and fight to get to Lhasa and to be accepted amongst the Tibet people then read the book.

I read the book and found it fascinating, the culture and kindness of the Tibet people, yet the film just seemed to be me to be Hollywood tale of war, and deceit. And Brad Pitts German style accent is annoying.