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A wonderful experience, however..., 5 September 2005

... the film is too damn short! In all honesty it could have gone on for at least another half hour, but I am sure that would have blown out the costs. Despite this minor drawback it will likely enthrall children and adults alike with the simple but very effective storyline. The muppets look fantastic, easily better than most computer generated characters (Jar Jar comes to mind) as they are made of substance rather than just plonked onto the screen. Another great feature of this film, is that it takes itself very seriously, despite abounding in cute creatures, they are all just accepted as being like our cats and dogs, which adds the realism and therefore enjoyment of the film.

Lets hope the anime prequel comes to fruition, if it hasn't already :)

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The Apex of human achievement, 26 December 2003

This animated short is from what dreams are made. Its musical direction, humour, animation, build up and climax are flawless. It is funny that this small animated feature is worthy of such praise, no matter how great it is.

However, the fact that this cartoon is only six minutes long means that it can achieve said perfection. Recent, much longer, fantasy epics are some of the greatest films of all time, however, their length (which is totally necessary) adds to the potential for problems.

Yet, to say that "The Rabbit of Seville" is short but sweet is akin to saying the battle of Stalingrad was a "bit messy".

Chuck Jones, Mel Blanc and all involved created perfection with this, all further attempts at animated comic shorts should be judged by this standard of excellence.

Saruman strikes back!, 15 May 2002

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

*Minor Spoilers*

I have to say I was very worried when waiting to get into the 12:01am showing of Episode 2: "Would it be as flat and lifeless as the Episode 1" "Will the plot live up to the original three"

When the movie began, it did start off slowly, even murder attempts and the discussions leading up to the chase at the start seemed a little flat. Thankfully the uneven pacing of the first third of the movie disappeared when the characters seemed to settle in to their roles. Christensen was quite good as Anakin, much better than Jake Lloyd. I suppose he has a lot more to work with since his Anakin is older and has more depth, even so some of his lines were a little lacking. That said I think he is a stronger actor than Natalie Portman. Many of her lines were compitent but lacked in projection, thankfully she has ditched her silly snooty accent and is just speaking normally.

On the topic of accents Ewan McGregor's is forced (no pun intended) but his lines have improved considerably.

Jar Jar has only a handful of lines, but he actually does work quite well and has the dubious honour of inadvertantly setting the empire in place.

Now I could go on for a long time speaking about Yoda's swishy jumpy saber elite skills, the clearly kiwi Boba Fett (such a little tyke), the vast array of Australians in supporting roles, or finally seeing a multitude of alien Jedi (hopefully episode III will have some dual wielding Twi'Lek's), but the part that truely made this movie a worth prequel was Christopher Lee. His portrayal of Saruman in Lord of the Rings compliments this perfectly, as essentially it is the same role hehe. Let that detract nothing from him as Count Dooku. Whereas Darth Maul was just a ninja with a scary(?) face, Dooku is dripping with evil and for a man of 80 he handles a lightsaber (or lightscimitar as then handle is bent) better than anyone in the series so far.

So with high spirits I can heartily recommend this film to all but the most cynical of critics.

Henry V (1989)
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A sumptious delight to the English language., 17 November 2001

A truely fantastic experience.

This adaption to one of Shakespeare's greatest histories (and a fairly accurate one for the time) is fantastique. All the performances are top notch, featuring all the great olde(ish) school British actors(resses). Ian Holm, Brain Blessed, Judy Dench.... oh my stars!

Young Kenneth delivers a solid performance (that can be a little over the top, but I'd have to ask Shakespeare if that was true). The St Crispins day speach, delivered before the battle of Agincourt, is so stirring that I shed a tear.

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I almost cried..., 28 July 2001

It's not often I cry when I am at the cinema, infact I don't think I ever have, but Enemy at the Gates brought me close in one instance. Just the frequency of bloodshed and loss of life so is imense it boggles the mind to think of it. I thought Enemy at the Gates gave a good even handed approach to that battle. While the love triangle is a bit intrusive to the one on one between Law and Harris, I do not think it spoils the film in any real way, like so many other reviews have said.

When I saw that Ed Harris was going to be in it, I was a little apprehensive... but overall I think he was very well suited to the role.. he certainly looked German enough. Law was very good also, except that for some reason most of the main Russian actors (barring Hoskins) didn't attempt an accent... odd esspecially Sacha, I almost expected a "SHINE YA SHOES GUVNA!" from him while he was cleaning the boots of Koenig (Harris).

Overall a fine movie, well put together and realistic (from what I have seen of the real battle). The movie does lay the line down, there are no good guys or bad guys... only individuals, something I thought Saving Private Ryan did much less.

Oh yes and HORRAY for a war movie where America wasn't even mentioned if I recall correctly!

Just look at THAT!, 14 February 2001

I have never seen a more visually impressive(non CG) movie like this... I mean the rooftop sequences were quite unusual, in the way the actors half floated, half jogged through the air... but after a bit, it just got better and better.

There was alot of depth in this film, but it wasn't over done to make it arty and stupid. Although the only problem was a lack of humour in most of the first half of the film, however this isn't a major drawback.

The characters were all well cast... however since it's in Chinese I can't tell if they're delivering the lines well.... but from what I gathered the emphisis was fine and it wasn't a problem.

The skill of the characters was unbeliveable, and just the swordplay alone held me in total captivity. Something else that held me in captivity was Ziyi Zhang... such an awesome fighter and she's so beautiful.

This movie (in all seriousnes) is destined to become one of the all time greats.

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Such a beautiful thing..., 8 January 2001

I'm sure most people in their teenage years have felt cut off from others... no one really likes or understands them. That's what it's like for Agnes... no one really likes her. She's a pretty girl, but isn't really into the usual drinking and being out late that seems to be the lives of most of the teens in Åmål. However Elin does... while in the usual circumstances these girls would have nothing to each other... Agnes is in love with Elin.

For me this movie really brought out a lot of truths about the struggles some of us have with being in love from afar. But this movie is so much more than the usual excrement Hollywood gives us, it really does tap into what teenagers are like without any of the sappy truly happy endings that are always put infront of us...

It's just a shame that most people will never see this slice of teenage life in a boring town, it's just so real :)

The Abyss (1989)
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Warning a long movie!, 29 November 2000

A truly awesome film, wonderful everything.

The only gripe I had was with it's length, at 173 minutes the SE of this film makes one sitting very hard on ones behind. However if you do endure, you will be treated to a dazzeling array of special effects. Highly original story also.

Highly recomended from moi :)

Gladiator (2000)
The Classic Hollywood film of 2000., 14 October 2000

Rome was the greatest and most advanced civilisation the world has ever seen, yet corruption was to eat out it's heart. This story shows how a good emperors legacy can be bled by an evil despot (his son) and the rightful heir nearly deposed. Near perfect characters make this movie a real winner. Crowe esspecially is a great gladiator/general, his face shows all the hardships one would face in such a trying time. The betrayl of Maximus (Crowe) makes the viewer feel nothing but contempt for the old Emperor's evil son.

The rest of the movie aside, the one image from this film that will last is Maximus walking through the long grass fields with his brushing against it. It does bare resemblance to The Thin Red Line in this respect.

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Crazy, funny very funny., 12 October 2000

It's this sort of movie that you try and imitate. By attempting to realise something... then flying through the air almost immediately. I'd like to do that and I know you would too!

Great stuff!

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