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Communion (1989)
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Rated R for "Rectal Probing", 9 December 2001

As the credits rolled for Communion it instantly entered my top ten worst films ever.

Having read some of the other comments about this film it seems it actually makes sense to some people. Myself I spent the entire film waiting for some kind of continuity or sensibility to enter the picture and bring about closure of some sort, any sort! I waited in vain, instead at the end of the film we receive dreadful monologues by Walken and that appalling woman about the nature of the Universe and the feasibility/ possibility of extra terrestrial intelligence. Considering these were questions that were being asked almost at the beginning of the film the whole exercise has been a pointless one.

And a painful pointless exercise at that! Some of the other comments have alluded to the "Excellent" and "not at all hokey" special effects. These viewers must be suffering from severe eyeball removal. The effects were dreadful! Midgets in cheap latex suits with about two different mouth movements and dodgy looking eye blinks do not make me scared! Rubbery looking "Roswell" Aliens floating about on fishing wire being jiggled off screen by someone in a vain attempt to provide "articulation" do not make me cower in fear, rather they make me double over in bouts of painful laughter!

The whole premise seemed dreamt up by someone who lives a very comfortable life in New York and doesn't get out much. Considering the main character is a writer and the film was written and produced by the author of the book it was adapted from we can see where things started to go wrong. Comfortable New York apartments do not make good staging grounds for musings on the nature of the universe and the possibility of extra terrestrials. Could that "support group" have been made up of a more annoying and less theatrically gifted bunch of people? Does everyone in New York simply swan about to endless cocktail parties, children's nativity shows, mountain retreats etc? Where were the real people in this film??

And what was with that Kid!? Just how much pain did the filmmakers wish to inflict upon me? The dialogue that came out of that shiny-eyed little weirdo's mouth was so unrealistic it wasn't funny.

Avoid this film at all costs, or use to inflict pain on someone you dislike.