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SO SO, 28 January 2002

I saw this for sale at Blockbuster and said what the hell and bought it for my collection, since I saw the first one and thought it was alright and then the sequel which was awesome. So I popped the movie in my vcr and watched it. I didn't expect too much to begin with because I knew that Andrew Divoff who portrayed the Djinn in the first two hadn't reprised his role in the third and not only that but this installment was filmed in Canada so the film altogether was so so. I didn't hate it but it wasn't anything special either. I thought that the new Djinn sucked, his voice sounded terrible and it wasn't the same as the other two films. So pass on this film if you are expecting a good follow up buy if you're adding to your Wishmaster collection and you're a die hard fan of the series it might be okay for you. Part 4 is coming in three or four months and I'll buy that too but again I'm not expecting a great sequel. I give this film 2.5/5 stars.

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Stupid CBS...this series was going to be a hit.., 3 April 2001

First Johnny this. CBS needs a kick in the ass for cancelling a great show like this. I loved this series...

The cast was great the premise was great and they screwed up--

Oh well maybe it was for the better-not.

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A great show which CBS cancelled..., 3 April 2001

Well guys we should start a Johnny Bago fan club eh? HEHE. I was just a little kid..11 years old when this was on I remember watching it and I loved it...there were only 6 episodes and it was cancelled because of the ratings and also because csj ( the italian american organization) thought the show was harsh against italians...and the lead character was an italian..csj complained and complained to cbs and since the ratings were only so-so cbs listened to csj and cancelled the show. Other shows cancelled by CSJ were "Ganster Chronicles" "Mama Leone" and "The Tortellis".

The show was great and I wish I could find it on tape but the best thing I can do is get two of the 6 scripts..

Well Later Johnny Bago fans...

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A very funny series starring Damon Wayans., 28 March 2001

First he was great in "In Living Color" and then fantastic in "Damon" which was moronically cancelled by the idiotic FOX station and now Damn Wayans stars in this new family show titled "My Wife And Kids". It starts out with Wayans being introduced as a husband and a father who's wife is getting a new job and he has to stay home and deal with his kids and then his wife while she's home. The one-liners are funny as well as the characters and the plot--ABC better keep this comedy gem.

Stepfather III (1992) (TV)
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If you like the first this!, 28 November 2000

I rented this movie with a friend and it exceeded my expectations. For a television movie it was great. I loved the Stepfather movies and it's a shame they cannot go onto a fourth chapter after this...I won;t spoil it for you's a sad ending to the franchise.

Very Funny Movie., 21 November 2000

I liked this movie, and I rented it because I had seen "Blue Streak", another Martin Lawrence cop comedy. This movie wasn;t as good as "Blue Streak" but it was worth the watch. I am actually looking forward to a sequel.

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"I Know What You Did...To The House Mother Last Summer!", 25 September 2000

After hearing about this slasher flick in a reference by Randy in "Scream 2" I just had to see it. I borrowed it from a friend and was pleasantly surprised. I suddenly compared it to a recent slasher pick, "I Know What You Did Last Summer". You see, the story picks up where 6 sorority girls who are about to graduate decide to play a prank on the house mother who is cranky and weird...and wouldn't let the girls have their party on campus. But accidently the girls kill the house mother and don't want to get into trouble so decide to dump the body somewhere and never speak of the incident again...later on in the movie someone "who knows" what they did to the house mother comes back for revenge, sort of like "Friday the 13th Part 2" or "Scream 2", the killer has a good motive, it all has to do with family. I won't spoil the ending for you'll never guess who the killer is...

I loved it. Have Fun!

Bloody Murder (2000) (V)
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Low Budget, Homage/Ripoff To camp slasher movies: Good Fun., 16 September 2000

I rented Bloody Murder and I enjoyed it. Although it is an obvious rip off of Friday The 13th its a good one. It throws in a little of the Scream generation of horror as well. I Hope this becomes a direct to video would atleast be better than Children of the Corn which cranked dry after part 2 or 3. If they play their cards right it could make a few great sequels with a franchise killer...

"Sliders" (1995)
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There Will Never Be Another Show As Good As Sliders...., 16 July 2000

Sliders. I Remember watching The Pilot episode on the first night this brilliant television series debuted on FOX on March 22, 1995. I watched it to the end and I wanted more. I couldn;t wait until the next episode. The possibilities of the show were awesome. Four people from our earth couldn't get back home and they had to "slide" from world to world to get home. I loved how they had a timing device to slide with. Every aspect of the show was amazing.

I loved the first season the best. The season finale cliffhanger got me really excited when a fifth slider came along with our sliders, it never happened before, and not only that but Quinn was shot, was he dead or alive? I thought Id never find out because Sliders was cancelled. That p***ed me off really bad. I loved that show....but it came back a year later....

I watched season 2...and it didnt quite match season 1 but I still loved every episode. I loved the episode "post Traumatic Slide Syndrome" because the SLiders thougth they finally made it home and at the end of the episode we didn;t know which of the two professors slid, leaving us wondering if the real one was left behind. Another real interesting episode was "Gillian of the Spirits" "Love Gids", and "El Sid" were pretty good. "Invasions" wasn't that bad either, we learned that the Kromagg species put a tracking device in one of the sliders. Good Season finale, well actually should have been a season finale rather than the episode they aired after it for the finale...

Season 3 began and it seemed okay....actually the beginning of season 3 was pretty much just like season 1. Rules of the game,Dead man sliding, electric twister acid test, double cross, and especially The Guardian were great episodes. It was after those episodes that Sliders changed a great deal. Instead of alternate realities based stories with alternate histories, we had crazy fantasy and action stories. Sliders was different from then on. Three of the original cast mates were taken off the show and the show jumped networks, the budget got decreased, the show moved to LA....

But being a true fan that I am, I enjoyed every episode....some season 4 episodes had their moments, like "Wrold Kill", "Way Out West", "Slidecage" and others were great.

Although the show is done, they should have done one thing before the last episode was completely finished. Get poor Rembrant back home.

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Better Than Expected Slasher., 24 February 2000

"What's your favorite scary movie hmmmm? Graduation Day? Final Exam? THe Dorm That Dripped Blood? The House On Sorority Row? Or is it SPLATTER UNIVERSITY? Am I Close?" says Randy in SCREAM 2 as he tries to keep the killer on the phone while walking the college campus.

"Close Enough".

When I heard of this movie I wanted to see it. I bought it after all of the bad reviews and negetive comments and still I like the movie well enough.

If I had to compare it with something I would say Scream 2 meets the budget of Halloween meets the acting of Saved By the Bell.

The music is somewhat like the beginning of Child's Play 3 and the deaths scenes are decent.

With a body count of 6 and a surprise twist ending this movie is good.


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